The miracle of the coconut palm

It turns out that the coconut palm is not only a unique creature of nature and an inexhaustible source of healthy products for our nutrition, health and beauty, but also just … interesting.

  • The fruits of the coconut palm, being in salty sea water, retain their viability for three to four months. During this time, the formation of a new palm tree takes place in the forest and, as soon as it reaches the favorable soil, it immediately shoots up closer to the sun.
  • The sprout of the new palm tree is covered with white edible fluff that tastes like marshmallows. From the apical buds, a delicacy is prepared, the so-called “millionaires’ salad” – because each portion of this salad costs the life of plants that have lost their hearts.
  • From a scientific point of view, a coconut palm is not a tree, since it has no bark, branches , it lacks annual rings and other signs characteristic of a “decent” tree. In fact, it is a perennial woody plant.
  • A coconut is not a nut at all. It is the same stone fruit as a plum or a peach.
  • Coconut water obtained from a coconut without cracks is sterile, and until the end of the 70s of the last century it was used as a substitute for blood plasma.
  • Lambanog is a Philippine coconut vodka. Traditionally, this drink is produced in the only province of the Philippines – Luzon. To do this, the juice from an unopened coconut flower is boiled until coconut punch is obtained, it is distilled several times, and only then is ready-made lambanog obtained.
  • Unambiguously healthier use of the healing properties of nectar from opened palm buds, for its use by local residents as “elixir of life”. The natural energy drink is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, and it is believed that it allows the islanders to remain energetic and healthy until 80-90 years of age.
  • Who does not know: the crystallized “elixir of life” is a Ceylon coconut sugar, which a few years ago entered the Ukrainian market from the light hand of Masale.

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