The coronavirus and sex: what you need to know

It is not a new joke about the direct connection between the stay of the majority of the Earth’s population in quarantine and the birth boom at the end of this year and before Christmas next year. They even came up with a definition for such children – “coronials”.

Just kidding, maybe you wondered if you could get the coronavirus if you had sex, but were too shy to ask. Doctors currently have more important tasks, but we will try to figure it out.

Is it safe to have sex during the coronavirus outbreak?

If you are in a stable relationship with a person and live in the same area, the virus should not change your sexual relationship. However, if one of you shows symptoms of the coronavirus, you should maintain social distance and isolate yourself from your loved one in any way possible – return to your own home or at least lock yourself in a separate room.

The pandemic has reminded us that we must take care not only of ourselves, but also take responsibility for those around us. So, whether or not you can get tested for the coronavirus, it’s possible that you just have a cold or the seasonal flu, but if you have any symptoms of the disease, try to stay away from your loved one and other roommates.

What about having sex with new people?

Of course, doctors do not advise having new sexual partners during the worldwide quarantine period. Don’t forget, too, that some people who carry the virus will have no symptoms. So even if you or your lovely new crush feel perfectly fine, you can still transmit and spread the infection further.

I kissed someone I recently met and then found out that the person had symptoms of the coronavirus. What should I do?

If you have kissed or had contact with someone who, in your opinion, is sick with the coronavirus – go ̶у̶ ̶б̶у̶х̶г̶а̶л̶т̶е̶р̶и̶ю̶ to self-isolation and monitor your own well-being. This will help identify the source of the disease and prevent the virus from spreading to others.

If you develop symptoms of the disease, be especially careful. Inform about this not only your family doctor and the person with whom you kissed, but also those with whom you simply had close contact.

Can I get the coronavirus by touching someone else’s vagina or penis?

Due to the lack of information about the coronavirus, scientists today believe that the main source of its transmission is saliva, and that the virus, unfortunately, feels good for some time without a direct carrier. So, in fact, any probability of transmission of the coronavirus is from the mouth on the mouth, to the genitals, to someone else’s nose or mouth – increases the risk of disease transmission. But we want to reduce the risks to an absolute minimum. So any contact between a partner you don’t live with is actually important and it’s best to limit it.

How can I maintain a long-distance relationship at a time like this? I don’t want and don’t want to be alone now!

The pandemic prompts us to rethink a lot of questions, including what a good sex life is and what constitutes a pleasant alternative to close contact. Separated by the distance due to being in quarantine, people who have been dating for some time, or have just met, are becoming more and more relaxed and creative. They started having phone and video sex (which was previously considered unacceptable), writing erotic stories to each other, studying tantric sex, dancing and meditation as one of the options for self-control and an opportunity to get rid of stress due to the inability to live a normal life.

In the difficult period of the pandemic for all of us, many relatives and close people have already shown themselves from unfamiliar, often unpleasant angles, and it is quite possible that this will happen, you and your loved one will discover that you actually have different libidos and opposite views on life.

Perhaps you planned to end the relationship and suddenly, due to the necessity of self-isolation, you are forced to continue living under the same roof. Maybe you want to have sex, but your partner refuses to have sex with you for whatever reason, or vice versa… Living together doesn’t mean you have the right to have sex whenever you want. It is always important to remember that the other person’s wishes have the same power and rights as yours! So now and in the future, try to treat each other with special understanding and respect. And as for regular crazy sex… Of course, it’s cool, relieves stress and adds excitement, but that’s not the main thing. Are we wrong?

So, wash your hands, stay at home and don’t lose your zest for life!

Source: based on the BBC article

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