Sweet chocolate sausage without baking

Today’s recipe is addressed, first of all, to those of our friends who have already tried our SWEET CHOCOLATE SAUSAGE, fell under its spell and became interested in the traditional “mother’s” recipe for this delicacy

Without a doubt, you can safely replace all fats and dairy products of animal origin with their vegetable counterparts, and the result will be just as wonderful!..
The only caveat: the chocolate mass is more liquid in this case, and therefore it should be stored in the freezer, slicing just before serving.


400-500 g of shortbread *
1 cup of chopped walnuts (if you want to mix with almonds or pistachios – please!)
½ -1 cup of coconut / ordinary sugar
200-250 g of butter – melt
3 tbsp . (with bitters) cocoa powder from Masale **
6 tbsp. boiled milk
100 g of raisins (soak them with warm boiled water for 15 minutes beforehand)
1 egg – if desired (in case the dough suddenly turns out loose)

*We traditionally take cookies “To coffee”. You can also have a cake, but believe me – it’s not the same thing at all.
**Really, don’t spend money on other types of cocoa! In stores and on the market, it is difficult to find such a beautiful fat and aromatic cocoa, like ours!

Sweet chocolate sausage without baking

✔Crush the cookies, but not into crumbs – otherwise it will be uninteresting. We simply break the cookies with our hands into small pieces.
✔First add all the dry ingredients to the cookies in a bowl: sugar, cocoa, nuts. Mix.
✔Drain the water from the raisins and also send it to a bowl
✔Lastly, add butter and milk to the chocolate mass. Mix everything thoroughly again.
✔With wet hands (chocolate mass can turn out to be quite fiddly), form “sausages” of the size you need, wrap them in foil and put them in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours.
✔Before serving the chocolate sausage it can be rolled in powdered sugar or chopped nuts for beauty.
And if you serve it with fresh mint leaves – it will be absolutely delicious!

Bon appetit! Experiment with pleasure

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