Smoothies with coconut milk

A smoothie with coconut milk is a nutritious drink that not only cheers you up and allows you to be in good shape all day, but also simply puts you in a good mood. Coconut milk goes well with fruits and berries, so you can use it to make a dessert for any taste.

Coconut smoothie with strawberries and raspberries or cereal

  • In the blender bowl, put: 1 banana, 1 cup of berries (strawberries or raspberries), 1/2 cup of oatmeal, sugar to taste and pour a glass of coconut milk.
  • Whip
  • Pour into transparent glasses, decorate on top with fresh berries and mint leaves.
  • According to the strawberry recipe, raspberries can be used both fresh and frozen.

With kiwi and strawberries

Mix half of a banana in a blender with diced kiwi (1 pc.), strawberries – 5-7 pcs. and a glass of coconut milk.

With raspberries

Blend a glass of coconut milk, sliced banana, half a glass of strawberries, raspberries and a teaspoon of honey in a blender until smooth. Try. If not sweet, add a little more honey and mix again.
When using non-frozen berries, you can add a few ice cubes.

Smoothies with coconut milk
Smoothies with coconut milk

With strawberries

  • For one serving, you will need a sliced banana, 10-12 strawberries (fresh or frozen), 100-120 ml of coconut milk.
  • Beat the ingredients with a blender.
  • A healthy and tasty drink is ready.
  • The amount of liquid can be increased or decreased, it all depends on the thickness of the drink you prefer.

With blueberries

For one portion of a smoothie with coconut milk, blueberries and banana, you will need:

  • one peeled orange
  • sliced banana
  • a glass of blueberries
  • a glass of coconut milk
  • a few ice cubes

Beat all ingredients until smooth. Add ice last.
If you want to get a drink with a softer consistency, then instead of whole blueberries, you can use only its pre-squeezed juice (for example, in a blender) without pulp.

With raspberries

Place half a glass of berries, 100 ml of natural yogurt, 100-150 ml of coconut milk, one sliced banana, 1-2 teaspoons of honey and a few fresh mint leaves in the blender bowl. Beat, pour into glasses. Beautify.

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