Healing properties of cocoa butter

We bring to your attention several simple options for using cocoa butter for therapeutic and preventive purposes

Cocoa butter is a fat obtained from the seeds of the fruit of the chocolate tree, which has a pleasant smell of cocoa and a whitish-yellow color. At 16-18 degrees, the butter has a firm texture, pieces break off easily. When heated, the oil is transparent, its chemical composition includes oleic, stearic, lauric, palmitic, linoleic and arachinic acids, as well as triglycerides.

  • Oleic acid reduces blood cholesterol.
  • The substances methylxanthine and tannin have a tonic effect and heal wounds, help with burns and various skin diseases, and stimulate the immune system.
  • Cocoa butter rejuvenates the skin, giving it freshness and beauty.
  • It is successfully used in the treatment of eczema, bronchi, eliminates cough.

Cough recipe: melt 0.5 teaspoon of cocoa butter in a glass of boiled milk (about one or two cubes, like in a bar of chocolate). The drink should be cooled a little and given to the patient to drink.

Cocoa butter for thrush: you need to add a few drops of 2% tea tree oil to the cocoa butter heated in a steam bath, roll it into balls, let it harden. It is recommended to enter the vagina once a day at night.

Cocoa butter for erosion of the cervix: you should mix cocoa butter with sea buckthorn oil (3: 1), soak a tampon in the mixture and use it at night for 14 days.

Cocoa butter for atherosclerosis: it is recommended to take 0.5 teaspoon of cocoa butter melted in a water bath twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, 15 minutes before meals.

Regular use of cocoa butter reduces the number of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels, helps with itching of the skin, relieves pain from burns, is effective for eczema and fungal lesions. It is also recommended for the healing of nipples in nursing mothers.

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