TOP-5 spices for strengthening immunity

Spices not only greatly improve the taste of food, they are also known for their therapeutic properties. We offer you the top 5 spices for strengthening immunity.

  • The leaves of this plant contain calcium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, omega – 3. Motherwort oil has antimicrobial and antiviral effects and can be a very promising remedy in the fight against yeast infection.
  • Motherwort supports immunity and treats colds, has tonic, antidepressant, antioxidant properties.
  • This popular Mediterranean plant is a common ingredient in various dishes with a strong, spicy taste. Thyme is a traditional cough remedy and is widely used in Europe.
  • Thyme in the form of tea, syrup or steam inhalation is effective for bronchitis.
  • The active component of thyme, thymol, is found in various mouthwashes to reduce the number of bacteria in the oral cavity.
  • Rosemary leaves are used both fresh and dried in traditional Mediterranean dishes to add a fresh, subtle, slightly piney aroma.
  • Rosemary has strong antioxidant properties, in addition, according to research – antibacterial and antifungal.
  • From 4 to 6 g of fresh rosemary leaves is used as a therapeutic dose to increase immunity.
TOP-5 spices for strengthening immunity
  • Herbs for immunity: curry mixture, garam- masala and other spices of South Asia and the Middle East, as a rule, include turmeric. Its active component curcumin has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It also suppresses inflammation, relieves runny nose, and is an effective remedy for pain associated with arthritis.
  • Curcumin is known as an immunomodulator and can improve the ability of special cells of the immune system to absorb and destroy microbes.


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