Pumpkin soup with coconut milk

We are in a hurry to share a delicious recipe for pumpkin cream soup with coconut milk. Time to close the pumpkin season!

In a pan with a thick bottom, stew the pumpkin cut into small pieces. While it is stewing, I fry the flour in butter. I lovingly put a soft pumpkin, toasted flour, dried paprika, a pinch of salt in a blender, and fill everything with masale coconut milk. Yell! and the tender incredibly beautiful soup is ready. It remains to pour it on plates, pour pumpkin oil and sprinkle with cumin. Yummy!

Don’t be afraid to experiment!
If you don’t have certain ingredients, replace them, or consult us at Masale! We will be happy to chat with you on culinary topics ❤️
But our milk is difficult to replace, because there are no analogues, it can only be ordered on the Masale website!

Pumpkin soup with coconut milk
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