Kalonji reduces the level of pulmonary fibrosis

Doctors recommend black cumin (Kalonji) and its oil as an auxiliary treatment for viral infections and respiratory diseases.

Kalonji reduces the level of pulmonary fibrosis

An international group of specialists conducted a study with the participation of patients who fell ill with COVID-19 in a moderate and severe form. Some of the participants received 80 mg of black cumin per 1 kg of body weight every day, and the other part received a placebo. As it turned out, the use of this spice led to relief of symptoms on the 7th day with a severe course of the disease and on the third – with an average one. Black cumin seeds also helped the body fight the virus four days faster on average.

Kalonji as turmeric, reduces histamine (it is a natural anti-allergic agent), has an anti-inflammatory, antifungal and tonic effect on the body. We would not consider spices a full-fledged substitute for medicines, but introducing a small amount of Kalonji and turmeric into the daily diet to support the body’s immune system is exactly what it is!

These are quite rich bitter spices, so their use as a dietary supplement separately from food will be more pleasant together with a small amount of honey or coconut sugar

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