Kalonji (black cumin)

Kalonji (black cumin)

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Kalinji (Kalonji, black cumin, Seidana, Nigella, Roman coriander) is a black seed of a herbaceous plant from the family of the yellow family.

The taste is slightly sharp with bitterness, a special spicy strawberry aroma that intensifies when rubbed.

The Ayurvedic text “Charaka-samhita” (the age of this work is not determined, but it is considered the oldest of such treatises) and the “Book of Healing” (belonging to the 11th century) of the eminent physician Avicenna contain a description of the qualities of the spice Kalonji, summarizing the experience of using its seeds as a medicinal tool

The characteristic smell of Kalinji (kalonji, kalong, nigella, Roman coriander, sedana) is formed by the substances thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone, which make it possible to describe the smell of the spice as phenolic, reminiscent of thyme and fennel, with raspberry berry nuances.

The use of Kalonji in cooking

Black cumin seeds are added to food mainly as an alternative to black pepper, while in moderate quantities, black cumin does not irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach, but has a bactericidal effect and improves digestion.

  • The spice is widely used in Indian and Arabic cuisine. It is added to vegetable and lentil dishes, salads, bean soups, rice dishes, cereal side dishes, various sauces and chutneys
  • Spicy gives a special taste and aroma when frying paneer (Adyghe cheese)
  • Use Kalonji when pickling cabbage, when salting, pickling and preserving vegetables and fruits
  • In addition, the seeds are brewed as tea, added to jelly and compotes
  • Kalinji is widely used in bakery and confectionery products – when baking pies, buns, cookies, cupcakes, chapati. Seeds are sprinkled on top of products before baking instead of sesame or poppy seeds
  • The filling for pies and pies with the addition of this spice acquires an unusual taste and aroma.

To reveal the aroma, black cumin seeds should be pre-fried in oil or simply on a hot pan. In some cases, the seeds are ground in a mortar or ground with a coffee grinder before eating.

Kalonji is added to food in small quantities – about 1 tsp. per dish for 3-4 people.

Combination with other spices: mustard, turmeric, black pepper, asafoetida, cumin, ginger, cumin, shambala, green cardamom, curry leaves, shambala leaves, oregano, sesame.

Use of Kalonji in cosmetology

In cosmetology, blackberry is a component of masks, creams, and ointments.

Flour made from the seeds of the plant is a means that cleans the skin of the face and gives it a healthy look. Useful for keeping fit, youthful and toned. It is easy to prepare a mask. Flour and water are mixed to a mushy state. Apply the mixture on the face. Pay attention to your skin type. Dry skin – pour a little vegetable oil. The mask is removed using warm water.
Seeds ground into flour have a positive effect on the hair growth process. By mixing a handful of flour and warm olive oil to a paste, we get a simple and effective remedy that strengthens the hair. This composition is applied for half an hour.
Removes stretch marks
Eliminates skin peeling.
Strengthens nails. It is enough to add a few drops of oil to the liquid soap with which you usually wash your hands. You can enrich hand cream with them.

Kalonji in Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda

Kalinji is a unique and universal tool for the prevention and treatment of many diseases and has been used in medicine since ancient times.
Kalonji reduces vata and kapha, balances pitta.

  1. Black seed seeds have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and expectorant effects
  2. A light diuretic and laxative natural remedy
  3. The antibacterial properties of black cumin have a beneficial effect on almost all digestive organs
  4. Improves intestinal peristalsis, restores flora, promotes recovery to a normal state during such disorders as diarrhea, belching, nausea
  5. The cardiovascular system also has a positive effect – the seeds improve blood circulation, prevent the formation of blood clots, lower blood pressure and even help lower blood sugar levels
    The effect of normalizing the heart rate was also noticed
  6. In addition, black cumin seeds have a positive effect on disorders of the liver, kidneys and bladder, help dissolve stones in these organs.
  7. The next unique property of this plant is its effect on vision. The spice improves the work of the retina and helps maintain vision
  8. During coughs and colds, it removes mucus from the body and has an expectorant effect
  9. Increases immunity, promotes good memory, relieves fatigue and lethargy
  10. In general, it has a healing effect on cells, helping their regeneration and protects against free radicals.
  11. Kalingi has an antidepressant effect and increases immunity, which is why black cumin is useful to use at the change of seasons. It gently relieves fatigue, lethargy, irritability and lifts the mood
  12. Improves memory, tones mental activity, activates the nervous system.Black cumin seed tea to strengthen immunity: 1 teaspoon of ground seeds per 1 cup of boiling water – this drink helps to maintain immunity in good condition.

Contraindications: individual intolerance or pregnancy.

калинджи черный тмин

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In cooking, Ayurveda

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2 years from the moment of collection in a dry, cool room with a relative humidity of no more than 35%

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