Fennel seeds in Ayurveda

Fennel is a good remedy that balances all three doshas and has no contraindications. Increases the digestive fire (Agni) without causing Pitta. Stops spasms and eliminates gases.

Fennel seeds are used, which are used inside in a toasted form, one teaspoon after a meal. You can also make an infusion from the seeds.

  • The combination of three cooling spices is very beneficial: fennel seeds, cumin and coriander for weak digestion in children and the elderly.
  • Fenhel seeds can be combined with coriander for disorders of the urinary system .
  • In their pure form, fennel seeds are useful for calming the nerves.
  • Induce menstruation.
  • Increase lactation.
  • The aroma of fennel sharpens the mind.

Indications for use: indigestion, weakness of Agni, abdominal pain, spasms or gas, burning or difficulty urinating, colic in children.

Effect on doshas: balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Use for treatment in the form of: infusion, whole seeds, powder
  • Fennel seeds are one of the best spices that stimulate digestion in cases where hot spices cause irritation or allergies. Fennel strengthens the digestive fire without increasing the content of bile.
  • Disinfects the oral cavity and freshens the breath.
  • Perfectly combined in taste with cumin and Coriander
  • Tea made from this seed (in any combination) is an excellent tonic for a weak or sick stomach.
  • David Frawley, author of the Ayurvedic Encyclopedia of Herbs, notes that the aroma of fennel has a calming effect. on the nerves and mind, bringing the intellect to a state of concentration and attention.
  • In India and the USA, fennel fruits are used for flu – fennel infusion (3-5 grams per glass of boiling water) helps to clear the lungs and respiratory tract of mucus.
  • Fennel is a very effective therapeutic agent for cancer patients after radiation or chemotherapy
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