Declining prices for vanilla

On the occasion of a price reduction for vanilla, we want to remind you how to use it correctly.

Before use, the vanilla pod must be opened lengthwise in the center and the seeds removed from it. The pod is cut only to the core, not through. Vanilla seeds are very tiny and difficult to collect. But the good thing is that you can use both the seed and the pod itself.

Declining prices for vanilla
In which dishes are vanilla seeds most often added:
  • Pastry, pancakes, cheesecakes – seeds of one pod per 1 kg of dough
  • Milk porridge – seeds of one pod for 4 servings
  • Fruit and berry compotes, homemade tinctures, liqueurs – seeds of one pod for about 5 liters of drink
  • Hot milk, cocoa, coffee and tea – seeds on the tip of a knife for 1 glass of drink

By the way, you can add whole pod pieces together with seeds to various drinks, according to your preferences. Real vanilla has a rather thick rich aroma and bitter taste, so it is better to try it in a small amount at first.

The pods are recommended to be stored in a dark, dry place at a cool temperature (slightly below room temperature), preferably in vacuum packaging. To be honest, none of the vanilla storage methods guarantee the long-term storage of the pods in the appropriate quality. That is why we usually buy it in small quantities and send it to you in glass tubes. And at home, we keep one of our favorite spices on the refrigerator door.

If the vanilla pods have dried out, don’t be in a hurry to get rid of them! Vanilla can be recovered by briefly immersing the pod in warm water before use, and then cutting it open.

If you want to give your usual morning drinks a vanilla aroma, put a vanilla pod (whole or already after using the seeds) in a container with coffee beans, tea or – in sugar. Just close the dishes tightly at the same time, and vanilla will give you its magical aroma quite quickly.

We wish you as many new bright sensations as possible!

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