Vanilla pod 15 cm

Vanilla pod 15 cm


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Vanilla is the unripe fruit of the orchid Vanilla planifolia (one of the orchids whose fruits are eaten). Pod length: 14-15 cm

Each pod is individually packaged in a glass flask with a lid.

Incomparably less vanilla is grown in the world in relation to the real and potential demand for this spice. That is why real vanilla is a rather expensive pleasure. However, if you think that the vanilla pod offered Masale is “nothing” at all, then you are wrong:
– 1/20 part of a vanilla pod is enough for 1 portion of any dish
– 1/4 vanilla stick is enough for 1 kilogram of product

How to properly prepare a vanilla stick for use

Carefully cut the vanilla pod lengthwise into two parts
Use the back of a knife or a spoon to peel off the most expensive part of vanilla – its seeds.
Next, you can use both components of the vanilla stick, and each of them separately.
Vanilla seeds are most often used in cooking.

The easiest ways to use vanilla

For the laziest: you can put a vanilla pod in a sugar bowl – it will give the sugar a special aroma.

To prepare desserts, including vanilla cream, the pod of the spice is cut, the seeds are separated and everything is boiled in milk or cream.

To prepare the usual vanilla sugar in the dough or as a sprinkling of ready-made pastries – 0.5 kg of powdered sugar is ground with 1 pod of spice.

You can prepare vanilla extract at home

To do this: prepare a vanilla stick in the way we already know, separating the seeds from the pod, cut it into pieces of a couple of centimeters each, put the seeds with the chopped pod in a glass or ceramic dish with a tight lid and pour 30-50 ml of 40-70% alcohol or cognac insist the extract in a cool, dark place for at least 2-3 weeks, periodically shaking it. The shelf life of such an extract is up to six months, and vanilla tincture is used to prepare dough, desserts and drinks – 3-5 drops per serving.

Vanilla is not only flavored with sweets – if you mix vanilla seeds with olive oil, the resulting mixture will give excellence to meat, poultry, seafood dishes and sauces, giving them an unusual sweet aroma that is difficult to forget…

Notes before using vanilla

The sweet aroma of vanilla is deceptive. This spice itself is bitter, so before use it is often ground in a porcelain mortar together with powdered sugar. Then the obtained vanilla sugar can already be used.

For baking, vanilla is placed in the dough immediately before heat treatment.

Vanilla is added to puddings, compotes, jams and cold dishes shortly before the end of their preparation or immediately to ready-made dishes.

Chocolate, ice cream, hot chocolate, tea and coffee are naturally flavored with vanilla.


Gluten free


In cooking, cosmetology, in traditional medicine and Ayurveda

Storage conditions

2 years from the moment of collection in a dry, cool room with a relative humidity of no more than 35%


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