Coconut oil for hair

Everyone knows about the nutritional and antiseptic properties of coconut oil. But hair needs it for other reasons as well.

  • Coconut oil does not release natural moisture from the hair, helps to preserve the protein in their structure, so even after a single use of this product, the hair becomes silky, shiny, smooth and less prone to breakage.
  • As an excellent nutritional product with unsaturated fatty acids in its chemical composition, coconut oil is suitable for any hair type. However, it is most useful for dry and weakened curls.
  • For girls with curly hair that are simply impossible to comb, the product will become a must-have product. Coconut oil slightly straightens curls, makes them more elastic, strong. It also simplifies the combing process.
  • Coconut oil protects hair from the negative effects of sunlight and sea water, so it is recommended to take it with you to the beach. After wetting your hair with mineral water and a little greasing or sprinkling it with coconut oil, you can swim in the sea as much as you want, because nothing will harm your hair. The oil will repel water and at the same time protect the structural protein and pigment of the curls. So, there will be no dryness and sunburn.
  • Possessing strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties, coconut oil for hair copes with such cosmetic problems of the scalp as itching, dryness, dandruff and seborrhea
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