Coconut oil for fighting excess weight

Why does Masale recommend coconut oil as a weight loss aid?
  • The main difference between this type of oil and other oils of plant and animal origin is that coconut oil is quickly absorbed without building a complex carbohydrate chain.
  • Our body uses saturated fatty acids, which are part of coconut oil, as a charge of quick energy, without storing fats “in reserve” and without clogging the vessels with cholesterol plaques
  • It should also be mentioned the thermogenic effect – in the process of assimilating coconut oil, the body uses more energy, at the same time burning excess calories from fat deposits, that is, in simple words, the metabolism accelerates
  • Regular use of coconut oil helps stabilize hormone levels and reduce stress levels, two of the most common causes of weight gain.
  • Coconut oil contributes to the gentle cleansing of the body from toxins and parasites, because it is an excellent preventive agent against fungal diseases, which, of course, affects our appearance in the most positive way
  • You can buy the best coconut oil, of course, only at MASALE!
And now the most important thing about losing weight with the help of coconut oil or “what people prefer not to think about”

Whether you use coconut oil only for food or as a cosmetic, all its wonderful properties are effective if:

  • adding coconut oil to your diet as a substitute for other fats not once, but on an ongoing basis
  • regular long-term use of the product
  • in combination with a reasonable approach to nutrition and in the presence of daily moderate physical activity.

Do not expect an instant effect! There are no magical slimming pills that are safe for health!
You can certainly eat a can of coconut oil in one sitting and probably even lose some weight, but the unnaturally accelerated process of losing weight will not benefit you, and you will definitely not like it.

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