Coconut oil and daily skin care

I discovered coconut oil is an ideal skin care product a long time ago, but recently I found the most convenient way to use it.

The recipe is very simple!
There should be a bottle of coconut oil and preferably several sponges: one soft for the face and neck, the other hard – for the rest of the body.

While taking a shower, instead of soap, apply coconut oil to a sponge and rub the entire body, including the face and neck, in circular motions. Wash with warm water, dry with a towel

Coconut oil cleans and disinfects the skin, and simultaneously serves as a nourishing and moisturizing cream. The skin receives a much-needed massage, which improves blood circulation. Excess oil on the skin is washed off with water – the pores breathe after the procedure. The process does not take additional time – everything is as usual, only instead of soap – coconut oil. And what is also important is regularity! Because we take a shower at least once a day…I speak for myself)

If you have make-up on your face (including mascara), it is convenient to use a sponge. Likewise: moisten the face, remove makeup with a sponge soaked in coconut oil and wash again with warm water. (I say HEAT, because the oil hardens at a temperature below 24 degrees. This can happen to your eyelashes.
Coconut oil is generally the perfect option for removing mascara! In addition to the expected effect, we also improve the condition of the eyelashes – they start better to grow.

In general, simple and cool! And in the bathroom there is a constant gentle aroma of coconut, which is also extremely pleasant.

You can read more about why it is useful-useful to use coconut oil in cosmetology and not only in the DESCRIPTION of coconut oil and in our future articles.

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