Cocoa in the daily diet

When talking about cocoa, chocolate or the aroma of hot cocoa immediately comes to mind. And it is correct and tasty. However, high-quality cocoa powder is also an independent, useful food additive to the daily diet.

The main healing properties of cocoa are provided by natural plant antioxidants
and primarily:
  • epicatechi – improves cerebral circulation and memory, lowers blood pressure
  • resveratrol – has an antisclerotic effect
  • theobromine, in many respects similar to caffeine — stimulates the work of the heart muscle, increases the tone of blood vessels and the central nervous system, improves mood.

Probably the only drawback of real cocoa is its bitterness. That is why most people prefer to taste cocoa in the form of sweets. But sugar, according to recent trends, is evil. And this is another reason to try cocoa in its pure form.

Cocoa polyphenols prevent skin aging
Cocoa in the daily diet
Cocoa in the daily diet
Here are some simple ways you can use cocoa powder naturally
  • Stir 1-2 teaspoons of cocoa powder in a small amount of warm water and consume preferably in the first half of the day (theobromine is invigorating, as we have already mentioned, and therefore cocoa products at night are not the best idea)
  • add some cocoa powder or grated cocoa beans to oatmeal porridge, smoothie or yogurt together with berries and fruits
  • with morning coffee or tea, eat a piece of grated cocoa beans – this pure bitter product does not contain sugar and will give the body an additional charge of vitality
  • looks more like pollen, without wet lumps, viscosity or large particles
  • warm reddish-brown, but by no means black or gray in color
  • does not dissolve in water, but, like ground coffee, forms a suspension – that’s why it was poured into a cup, mixed with water / milk / kefir and drunk immediately. Otherwise, the cocoa particles will simply settle to the bottom
  • smells like chocolate, not vanilla, citrus, coffee, almonds or wet rice
  • doesn’t come cheap

Unfortunately, in recent decades, cocoa trees have become ill almost everywhere, new plantations die before they have time to bear fruit, and the demand for cocoa products is ten times greater than the supply, which cannot but affect their price and attracts the evil eye a people who pass off unreal things for cocoa (chips, sand and various chemical components are used). Most of the cocoa powder on the Ukrainian market is counterfeit, often dangerous to health. Therefore, give preference to proven brands and carefully read the labels.

Take care of yourself and keep a positive attitude!
And we recommend buying quality cocoa products, of course, in Masala!

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