Virgin Organic coconut oil from the island of Ceylon

When we first launched Ceylon coconut oil of the Virgin Organic series, we had to answer questions that stumped us. It is surprising that time and time again we continue to ask them, but it is difficult to answer them in our own way. After all, it is still hard to believe that people can be seriously interested in something like this.

So, the word “Virgin” in the name of coconut oil from Sri Lanka means that 👉 our product is made from freshly harvested, fresh coconuts, in the process of which they are pressed to obtain elite-class oil – with a fresh coconut aroma, saturated with moisture and useful natural macro- and trace elements.

And here’s what the word “Virgin” really does NOT mean in this context!

  • Nuts for our oil are not collected from wild coconut trees accidentally found deep in the jungle
  • This oil is not pressed from the coconuts of a young palm tree that has dropped its fruit on the ground for the first time🥥
  • This oil is not from a coconut palm that was first touched by a human hand/foot
  • And we certainly do not sell virgin oil, whatever you mean by that. In response, I really want to ask a counter question: “And this, I’m sorry, HOW?!”
  • And the penultimate “no” – virgin monkeys do not collect coconuts for our oil, if only because our partners do not have such personnel on staff
  • Of course, we were not interested in the age and marital status of women among farm employees, but we hardly believe that they are selected according to the criteria you ask about. So the last answer: I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no – coconuts for our Ceylon oil are not collected with the first rays of the sun by half-naked innocent girls no older than 83! 😉

Be that as it may, we are endlessly 🙏grateful to the customers who shared their love for the wonderful coconut products “Land of Illusions” with us. And we are always ready to answer all your questions! Well, for almost everything…

We wish everyone a good day! And never stop being pleasantly surprised, amazed and dreaming!

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