Vegetarian lasagna

Italian cuisine with a vegetarian motif.
We recommend preparing Vegetarian lasagna in large portions – it goes with the speed of the wind 🙂


For the filling: 

3 large boiled potatoes
500 g champignons
1 large bell pepper
Savoy cabbage half a medium head
2 medium onions
300 ml of heavy cream (at least 30%) or coconut fat milk from MASALE
ground cayenne pepper
greens (parsley, green onion, basil, coriander)
cheddar or mozzarella cheese 400-500 g
salt and pepper to taste

For lasagna sheets

600 g of flour
3 eggs

  • First, let’s prepare the dough, because it will need to lie in the heat for a while.
  • Pour the flour into the optimal size container, make a well in the center, into which we break the eggs, add a couple of pinches of salt and a little water (literally 3 tablespoons).
  • Knead. The dough should be very tight, but if everything is not good with the kneading, you can add water little by little (very little by the spoonful).
  • After the dough is kneaded, put it in cellophane and then in a warm place .
Let’s start with the filling
  1. Cut the champignons into thin pieces, cut the potatoes into 4 parts lengthwise and then also into thin pieces, pepper into 4 parts lengthwise and also into thin strips, onion in the same way – into 4 parts and into thin strips, shred the cabbage.
  2. Fry everything, except potatoes, on a small fire in a frying pan.
  3. When the frying is almost ready, add potatoes, greens (finely chopped and in moderation), salt to taste, spices (ground coriander, cayenne pepper), pour cream and cook on low heat for another 10 minutes.

While the filling is being prepared, make the Béchamel sauce according to THIS recipe

Final stage of preparation of all components

  • Get the dough, divide it into 3 equal parts and roll it out very thinly to the size of the baking sheet (the baking sheet MUST be deep, with sides of at least 5 cm).
  • Divide the filling for convenience as well into 3 equal parts.
  • Grate the cheese. And also divide it into 3.
  • When all the ingredients are ready, start making.
  • Pour a little bechamel sauce on the bottom of the mold and spread it evenly. We put the first sheet of dough on top.
  • The next layer is the filling – for convenience, it can also be divided into 3 equal parts.
  • Sprinkle the layer of filling with cheese.
  • Pour over the cheese béchamel.
  • Repeat twice.
  • Cover the last layer of cheese and sauce with a sheet of dough, pour the remaining sauce, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and put in an oven heated to 200 degrees for 40 minutes.

Bon appetit!

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