Useful properties of Indian spices

Have you ever wondered why in India and other countries with long hot summers traditionally eat dishes with a lot of spices?

Of course, first of all, the relevance of spices for hot climates is that they are natural natural preservatives, as they contain a large amount of essential oils that have strong bactericidal and antioxidant properties.

Studies conducted by European scientists indicate that many oriental spices have a high ability to slow down the oxidation process proteins, which leads to the deterioration of the taste of ready-made dishes and the appearance of a fermentation process in them. Thus, using spices and mixtures of spices, even if you accidentally forgot to put the food prepared from the evening in the refrigerator overnight or simply left it at room temperature for a long time, you will be able not to worry about its preservation!

But in addition to preserving properties, spices have a healing effect
  • They are important for stimulating the digestive and circulatory systems, because it is these systems of the human body that are subjected to the greatest load in the summer season
  • The use of spices contributes to the normalization of the work of the heart, and will prevent the exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases in case of a predisposition to them, as well as by improving blood circulation prevents the appearance of headaches, which are often caused by heat and stuffiness.
  • Spices affect metabolic processes in the body, they successfully prevent both dehydration as a result of increased sweating and fluid retention – that is, they prevent the occurrence of swelling.
  • The property of spices to improve digestion is widely known, in the summer, when it is especially important to monitor well-being and health, as never before.

For example, turmeric is one of the most famous spices with natural preservative properties . The peculiarity of turmeric is that it is a completely non-hot spice, and even if you and your family prefer traditional cuisine in which the only spices used are bay leaves and black peppercorns, then this seasoning is for you! It will not greatly affect the taste of usual dishes, while it will add benefits. Among other things, turmeric is a spice that is very useful for digestion and for the liver in particular (in Ayurveda, the liver is the concentration of pitta dosha, it has a particularly heavy load in the heat, the season of increased Pitta).

Indian spices are not only thousands of shades of bright flavors and aromas, but also numerous useful properties that make Indian cooking one of the most useful in the world! Be healthy!

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