Types of cinnamon and their distinctive features

There are about forty types of cinnamon, and each of them has its fans. The most common types of cinnamon on the market of Ukraine are cassia and real cinnamon – Ceylon. Comparing them is like listening to an opera performed by professional opera singers or a neighbor singing “La Traviata” in the bath. The choice is yours 😉

Popular types of cinnamon:
  1. Ceylon cinnamon is the most expensive and most valuable for its taste qualities, noble cinnamon, which is also called cinnamon. This type of cinnamon is grown in Ceylon, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Guyana, Indonesia.
    Ceylon cinnamon has a sweet, slightly burning taste and delicate aroma.
  2. Chinese cinnamon is also called simple cinnamon, casa-Canel , aromatic or Indian. Native to Southern China.
    Has a sharper flavor than Ceylon cinnamon.
  3. Malabar cinnamon is brown cinnamon, kasi-veera or wood cinnamon, native to India. It also grows in Burma. The taste is sharp and slightly bitter.
  4. Cinnamon is a spicy cinnamon with a very sharp cinnamon smell and a spicy, slightly burning taste, which grows in Indonesia and on the plantations of the Moluccas.

The most valuable, tasty and aromatic spice is from the island of Ceylon. Useful, tasty and aromatic, it will add a special refined touch to your dishes. The chemical composition of the Ceylon spice positions it as the most suitable for the production of valuable essential oil.

How to choose real Ceylon cinnamon
  • The structure of real Ceylon cinnamon sticks is multi-layered, it resembles a roll of paper towels in a miniature, soft brown shade.
  • Real cinnamon breaks and crumbles like shortbread, has a delicate aroma and taste.< /li>
  • The tube of cassia looks like sheep’s horns, it has few layers inside, the color is rich brown, the texture is rough, there may be growths, the walls are thick. Smell and taste with unpleasant bitterness, sharp.
  • The price of real cinnamon is three to four times higher than cassia.
  • Ceylon cinnamon has a more natural appearance, smell and taste, while cassia has these parameters resemble artificial ones.
  • Cinnamon and cassia are similar in their composition, actions and appearance, but it is much better if you use them as medicine or often add them to dishes, to buy only real spices. This is a more expensive, but high-quality and useful option for you and your loved ones.

The choice is yours and be healthy!

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