Turmeric is edible gold

Beggar and gold. Indian parable.

The god Shiva and his wife, the goddess Parvati, have many zealous followers in the Himalayas. Many temples dedicated to Shiva and Parvati have been built among these mountains. And people living in mountainous areas always consider Parvati the goddess of kindness.

One day, when the god Shiva and the goddess Parvati were returning home after a walk, Parvati said to Shiva:
– Lord! You are very cruel and rarely show compassion for people. You do not pay attention to their requests and entreaties. But there are many people on earth who do not even have enough food.
God Shiva, listening to her, asked:
– What happened now? Who suffers?
And here the goddess Parvati did not miss an opportunity. She saw a beggar wandering the earth and said that he was very poor and something should be done for him.

Then the god Shiva began to explain to her in detail that many on earth will suffer under the influence of karma in the same way as this person, because all people reap the fruits of their own actions, committed either in their current life or in the past. But the goddess Parvati remained adamant and wanted the beggar to be helped. And then the god Shiva, listening to her request, threw a gold bar in the path of the beggar.

The beggar walked, slung a bag over his shoulder. He wandered to the place of his abode, reflecting sadly on his poverty, and thought that if he did not die before old age, his eyes might fail him and he would become blind.
The beggar wanted to see how he would manage without eyes. . He closed his eyelids and went on with his eyes closed. So he passed by the gold bar without seeing it.

Goddess Parvati watched all this. She was very upset when the beggar passed by the gold bar without paying attention to it. Winking, the god Shiva said to Parvati:
– You saw that this unfortunate man did not even look at the gold bar. This is how a person loses many opportunities and does not even try to grab them. Now do you understand?
Goddess Parvati nodded her head in agreement, although deep down she felt sorry for the beggar.

Gold dropped from heaven for people became turmeric. This decorative exotic plant. Turmeric flowers open gradually and last for six months, giving off a delicate aroma. The rhizome is used as a spice for food. The entire history of India is organically intertwined with this plant to such an extent that traditions, wedding ceremonies, colorful holidays, cosmetology and, finally, Indian cuisine fade without radiant turmeric.

One of the main components of quiet happiness is food. What turns our food into a feast is spices. There are spices that provoke and excite our consciousness. For example, onions and garlic. People begin to notice more flaws in others, argue not for fun. There are spices (cinnamon, cardamom, fennel), when using which the consciousness is balanced. Then there is a chance to feel, touch sattva rasa (love, respect, compassion towards others).

The Silk Road, which connected the East with Europe, brought turmeric as one of its gifts. Great ancient medical scientists awarded turmeric with honors in their books, considered it the best plant for solving digestive problems and strengthening the lungs, an excellent remedy for epilepsy, skin diseases and various types of bleeding.

Turmeric is edible gold
Turmeric is edible gold
Turmeric is known to have long been used in Chinese and Brazilian medicine
  • As a tonic for the liver, it successfully competes with well-known herbs such as bhumiamalaki, thistle, kutaki.
  • This “golden goddess” completely surrounds the heart with preventive care.
  • Turmeric reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, increasing good (HDL), and thins the blood, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is a faithful assistant of the respiratory system.
  • Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic natural remedy, and is also used for the prevention of bronchial asthma, chronic cough, allergies, and colitis.
  • And diabetes does not stand aside: the astringent, bitter taste of turmeric is better than ever for reducing blood sugar.
  • The “Golden Goddess” helps to solve some gynecological problems, such as dysmenorrhea (pain during menstruation) and amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).
  • For cuts, you just need to pour this inexpensive natural antibiotic on the wound.
  • Turmeric cleanses the blood of toxins, helping to get rid of many skin diseases, giving it a healthy, radiant appearance. It especially helps with wet eczema.

How can the “golden goddess” not help the fairer sex in cosmetology? Traditional recipes for masks and modern Indian natural cosmetology cannot do without turmeric.

This “golden goddess” is a beautiful belly dancer who helps to solve many problems of metabolism, bloating and gas.

Turmeric cleanses so deeply that not only the tissues of the body are exposed to its influence, but also the chakras. Some Ayurvedists believe that when used long-term together with basil and triphala, turmeric can replace complex rejuvenating procedures (PanchaKarma).

According to Vedic astrology, turmeric is ruled by Mars, which symbolizes the fighting spirit and zeal to spread one’s influence and win. Colonies of microbes, viruses and worms die from the Martian majesty of turmeric, and blood cancer recedes.

And finally, “golden rasayana milk” (milk with turmeric and honey) – for people who suffer from many diseases, such as anemia, poor digestion, colitis, high cholesterol, spine, liver and lung problems.

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