Turmeric is a sacred Indian spice

Turmeric is an integral part of Indian culture and is deservedly called the Queen of Cuisine and the Golden Goddess.

The world’s largest producer of turmeric is Erode, a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, known as the Yellow City or Turmeric City.

Turmeric is used in religious ceremonies throughout India. During some holidays, believers rub their bodies with turmeric paste and powder, which symbolizes purification.

Turmeric also symbolizes female energy. It cleans the skin and improves the complexion, giving beauty to every woman. Therefore, the root of this spice is used in rituals dedicated to the goddess of love, luck and wealth – the heavenly beauty Lakshmi.

Haldi is one of the oldest Hindu ceremonies, held the night before or the morning of the wedding day

The main component of the ceremony is turmeric, which in different regions of the country is mixed with coconut, almond oil, saffron, sandalwood powder, or rose water. For thousands of years, Indian brides have been decorating themselves with these simple tools.

magical properties of the sacred Indian spice

Turmeric is a mandatory attribute of a wedding ceremony. By analogy with the Ukrainian wedding tradition with the use of poppies consecrated in the church, in India turmeric is sprinkled in front of the bride and groom when they go to the sacred fire. People believe that turmeric protects young people from evil spirits, the influence of bad thoughts and brings good luck.

Curcumin, contained in the sacred root of the spice, is a wonderful and incredibly persistent orange-red dye. This property has long been used in India for dyeing clothes. After all, the yellow color is considered very auspicious. It symbolizes the sun, courage and renunciation. That is why terracotta prevails among the colors of monks’ clothes all over the world.

The healing properties of turmeric have been used in medicine for more than 4,000 years

This is one of the main and often used plants in Ayurveda, which is included in the “golden row” of Ayurveda. In ancient medical treatises, turmeric is described as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, an antioxidant and the strongest cleanser of the entire body. Modern science confirms that turmeric contains more than 300 molecular compounds, among which about 20 are antibacterial, 12 are antitumor, 12 are anti-inflammatory, and 10 are antioxidant. In addition, turmeric is a mild antidepressant, immunomodulator and headache medicine.

Therefore, if you want to experience all the power and magical properties of the sacred Indian spice, please evaluate the fresh supply turmeric!

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