The stories of MASALE

MASALE was born 13 years ago out of one man’s love for India and his desire to give others the opportunity to enjoy healthy coconut treats and aromatic spices. Three families and our friends, who have already become members of the MASALE family over the years, are currently working on the realization of this dream. So it’s no wonder that work meetings turn into girls’ parties, and someone’s birthday turns into an annual financial report

At the last family holiday, as always, the topic of funny work moments came up. Of course, there were quite a few of them – it’s always fun in Masale. The author of the lines of today’s text forever remembered the day when the silence of the late evening was broken by a call, and a desperate female voice came from the phone:
– Help! We have a house full of naked people here and they are all waiting for you!

Recovering from my surprise, I managed to calm the girl down more or less, but I couldn’t understand what was happening to her. So I nervously handed over the challenge to the head of the retail department, who picked himself up during the phone conversation and ran out of the room with a large box in his hands.

Like every woman, I have a rich imagination and the ability to make a tragedy out of nothing. At first I was just wondering what these mysterious naked people were, and then I became worried that maybe there were some code words and I could inadvertently harm not only the work process, but also someone in a personal relationship.

Thank heaven, an hour later the manager called back and, laughing, told me that I answered the call of one of my favorite clients – a SPA salon, whose masters have been using our Indian coconut oil and cocoa butter for massage and as basic body care masks. After receiving an unplanned request for a spa treatment from a large company of clients, the manager saw that they had run out of coconut oil and panicked. It was the end of the working day, everyone had already gone home, so our manager personally rushed to help her! Fortunately, everything was done on time and all customers were satisfied.

So, our favorite naked, semi-naked, and clothed people, we want to thank you once again for your attention to our brand. Thanks to you, we have been engaged in a business that inspires us for many years. But we promise you that we will continue to do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible in the Masale family!

Have a nice Saturday and let’s be healthy!

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