The best way to support skin health

More than three dozen women aged 40+ took part in a new study of Korean scientists about the effect of lack of sleep on the condition of the skin.

In the first week of the experiment, the participants had a normal sleep (it lasted about 8 hours) did not interfere in any way, but carefully studied the condition of their skin. For the second week in the studies, the duration of sleep was reduced by half (to 4 hours per day), also observing according to the condition of the skin. The moisture parameters of the epidermis, the condition of the skin barrier, gloss, color and transparency of the skin, its elasticity and pronounced “crow’s feet”. Measurement were conducted under standardized conditions to exclude the influence of external factors on the condition of the skin.

Аs a result, even after one night of sleep deprivation, all of the participants significantly worsened indicators of the condition of the skin, and the longer they did not sleep, the more the expression of wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity was complicated.

This research has once again confirmed the importance of a good night’s sleep for everything body as a whole, as well as for the skin. Its normal duration can be individual, but for each person there is a time of optimal sleep that allows him get enough sleep.

Sleeping in spare time will not work, just as the option of sleeping in on the weekend does not work. Of course, there are times when you have to stay awake, but it is better not to stress the body unnecessarily, because a full sleep is therapeutic in itself and, of course, is a basic means of skin care. It is always important to understand what happens to our body at such moments, and what methods and means must be used to help the body recover faster.

Jang SI, Lee M, Han J, Kim J, Kim BJ, Kim E.A Skin Res Technol. 2020 Mar, 26.

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