Summer salads with watermelon

We first discovered a summer salad with watermelon five years ago and we are glad that every year there are more and more interesting recipes. Would you like to rate the dish with us?

For a start, a few nuances:
  • Watermelon seeds for salad can be removed, or you can leave them – if you wish. Of course, we don’t use the skin.
  • If you’re not a vegetarian, you can add ready-made seafood to almost any combination of vegetables (grilled shrimp works well here) or thinly sliced slices of prosciutto
  • As an option – you can use cheeses, watermelon and greens for canapes. Only serve and eat immediately, of course. Otherwise, it will flow.
  • And for those who want to go even further – instead of watermelon, slices of nectarines are added to such salads. The combination is bomb!

If you are confused by the sweet taste of fresh watermelon, you can first cut it into large slices, season it with your favorite spices, salt and fry it for a few minutes on the grill or in a grill pan. In principle, even this can already be considered a ready side dish

Summer salads with watermelon
Summer salads with watermelon
Well, now, finally, the basic ingredients for SUMMER SALADS WITH WATERMELON
  • cucumbers
  • yellow tomatoes, ordinary red or cherry – yellow purely for the bright appearance of the salad
  • watermelon pulp
  • avocado
  • red sweet onion/garlic
  • feta cheese / brinza / parmesan or if you like – any other cheeses with green or blue mold
  • arugula / fresh mint / basil / tarragon / rosemary / thyme / lettuce
  • sesame seeds / pumpkin seeds / pine nuts
  • a handful of pre-boiled quinoa / rice
As the simplest filling:

Cut cucumbers, watermelon, feta into cubes, onion – into slices of uniform thickness, season everything with sauce, decorate with greens – enjoy!

For advanced eaters, we suggest tinkering a little with cheese for salad – caramelize Brie cheese.

Brie whole or cut in half, like a biscuit for a cake, sprinkle with crushed coconut or cane sugar, spices (if desired) and put in the oven at 100-120 degrees for 3-5 minutes.

Have a pleasant gastronomic experiment and unforgettable summer days!

Summer salads with watermelon
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