Spices of every planet

Thousands of spices are produced in India. We use spices and herbs for cooking. Although they are definitely beneficial for our health, they also protect us from the bad effects of the planets. So let’s find out which spice represents this or that planet.

  1. The sun. Red pepper is the spice of the Sun and Mars, which strengthens the taste gland and stimulates blood flow. In addition, the Sun gives its power to black pepper and mustard.
  2. Moon. Cardamom – the spice of the Moon, thanks to the strong healing aroma of the seeds, can be especially useful for diseases of the respiratory tract.
    Among other things, cardamom is indicated for use by those who have problems with the digestion of dairy products or with the absorption of calcium.
    In addition, asafoetida is also the spice of the moon, which improves digestion and prevents the accumulation of gas.
  3. Mars. Red pepper. As already mentioned, this is the spice of the Sun and Mars. In addition, cinnamon, red chili, ginger, fenugreek and peanuts are also spices of Mars.
    Mix a little cinnamon with honey and drink the mixture with fresh water, it will increase the strength of your body, and in winter – reduce respiratory tract problems.
  4. Mercury. This planet is the significator of coriander. Its juice cleanses the kidneys and cures bladder diseases. In addition to this, asafoetida and green cardamom are also considered to have the effect of Mars.
    Regular use of asafetida helps control gout and gallstones. Asafetida increases your digestive power and relieves anger problems.
  5. Jupiter. Turmeric has the ability to heal wounds and remove toxins.
    Turmeric with milk is indicated for arthritis and any infections. Or at least take it on an empty stomach with warm water.
    In addition, mustard is also considered the spice of Jupiter, which balances bile and provides cells with energy.
  6. Venus. Cumin is the spice of Venus, which regulates acidity and improves appetite. Eating cumin preserves harmony and peace in your daily life.
    In addition, the influence of Venus is also found in black salt, cinnamon, peas and beans.
    Dill is also the spice of Venus and Mercury. It helps to digest food and is also good for the oral cavity. A pinch of dill mixed with coconut sugar will give you energy and support throughout the working day.
  7. Saturn. Black pepper is the spice of Saturn, which also absorbed the power of the Sun. Consumption of black pepper reduces digestive problems, removes phlegm, and also increases the power of our memory.
    In addition, the significator of Saturn is cloves, coconut oil and honey.
  8. Rahu. The spices of the planet are nutmeg, garlic and cumin, useful for many diseases.
  9. Ketu. Celery, tamarind, black salt and cumin are Ketu spices which are vata destroyers.
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