Spices from negative character traits

Indian Vedas claim that some spices help to get rid of negative character traits.

  • Cinnamon, cloves, cumin will save you from fear.
  • Anger and envy cannot be tolerated ginger, turmeric and fenhel.
  • They will help with greed, indecision and depression cope with red and black pepper, ginger, cardamom and the already mentioned cumin.
Spices from negative character traits
Beautiful selected spices and author’s spice mixtures!
  • In turn, regular use of kalindzhi will make your thoughts brighter and faster
  • Spices curry mixes bring restraint , peace of mind, putting the inner demons to sleep.
  • Cardamom teaches to forgive, and coriander makes it possible to calmly perceive the fact of the existence of fools, rude and impudent in the universe.
  • Nutmeg develops the ability to overcome difficulties and focus on the most important.
  • Turmeric and ginger contribute to the formation of courage, purposefulness and determination.
  • And a caustic asafetida, surprisingly, will help to manifest your tenderness, sensuality and even helps to solve interpersonal problems. The latter, in principle, is understandable, considering that the smell of garlic and onions, which you will exhale after consuming asafoetida, will keep unpleasant personalities away from you;) All the more, Our People love and value us regardless of our gastronomic passions.

Would you venture to test the statement? Then you should start … yes with any masale spice! After all, they are all beautiful!

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