Spices according to the signs of the zodiac

Sometimes we have ask whether it is possible to harmonize everyday life with the help of spices. The Vedas say yes. It is indeed possible (and important) to strengthen those in any way positive qualities and our strengths that we need and reduce negative traits inherent in us.

At our request, astrologer friends from India have selected a number of spices that can at least improve our mood on Monday, but let’s remember that all this is very individual. Bright aromas, delicious food, travel, pleasant tactile sensations and simply contemplating the beautiful – everyone has their own way to inner harmony.

So, briefly about the strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign, and the desirable ones for use spices capable of enhancing internal harmony


+ Strengths: an active life position, determination, courage, endurance, willpower.
– Weaknesses: high impulsiveness, aggressiveness, frequent reckless actions, lack of self-control and moderation.
Recommended for use: coriander, cumin, ginger, chili pepper


+ Easily adapt to life, because they do not have a tendency to idealize everything. Strong, self-confident, hard-working, prudent to the point of impossibility, adore order.
– Disadvantages: unyielding stubbornness, greed, strong conservatism and reluctance to any changes.
Recommended: cinnamon, dill, mint, oregano , celery


+ Strengths of character: flexibility, sociability, dynamism, instant assimilation of new information.
– Weaknesses of character: superficiality, unprincipledness, non-commitment, changeability.
Will come in handy: vanilla, fennel, lavender, lemongrass


+ Sensitive, modest, generous, soft, devoted.
– Conservatives, often sad, difficult to adapt to the new.
Will help: carnation, chamomile, lemon


+ Excellent managers with the ability to create a joyful and, at the same time, working atmosphere, magnanimity, generosity.
– Self-love, which can reach the level of megalomania and contempt for others, irascibility, aggressiveness towards all “disagree ».
Soothe: basil, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper


+ Hard work, perseverance, attention to detail, neatness, high analytical skills.
– Too strong criticality towards oneself and others, “attacks” of boredom, fastidiousness, coldness and indifference.
Cinnamon – for pacification, black pepper, cloves, rosemary, sage.


+ Justice, nobility, emotional balance, strength of spirit
– Indecisiveness, the ability to see enemies and envious people in close people and look for hidden subtext in their actions or statements.
Adds clarity of thinking: garlic, eucalyptus, pepper m ‘yata


+ Passionate and energetic personalities, agile, loyal, ambitious and reliable, ideal team players.
– Changeable mood and stubbornness, aggressiveness and love of drama, inability to control oneself, prone to depression, sarcastic
Among the favorites aromas and spices: coffee, mint, ginger, thyme, tarragon


+ Fearless people who love adventure and dream of big goals, carefree and honest.
– Excessive self-confidence, able not to finish things, difficulties with adequate perception of reality and as a result – inattention to what can destroy their life .
They will give a push in the right direction: saffron, nutmeg, curry


+ Purposefulness, desire for order, ambition and responsibility, practicality.
– Ability to see life in black and white tones and exaggerate the importance of small troubles, pessimism, hatred of rules and restrictions.
Likes: cayenne pepper, cinnamon , green tea


+ Benevolence, thirst for everything new, ingenuity, optimism, social activity.
– Laziness and frivolity, inability to control dreams and correlate them with one’s own capabilities, inconsistency, dependence on someone else’s opinion.
Recommended for use: lemon, paprika, anise, parsley


+ Caring, sensitive and creative, faithful and loving, and ready for anything for the sake of their loved ones.
– Propensity to deception, indecisiveness and self-doubt, emotional instability; the tendency to give up without even trying to understand a difficult situation.
The Vedas recommend: hot pepper, cardamom, cinnamon.

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