Proper nutrition during fires in the Chernobyl zone

Seaweed does not disappear from our table. But we paid special attention to nori and wakame after reports of fires in Chernobyl zone. Because it’s one thing to watch an excellent British-American series about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant or to go to Pripyat for an excursion, and another thing is when the wind brings the ashes of the burning Red Forest to our homes.

Residents of long-suffering Ukraine should still not forget the importance of having iodine-rich foods in their daily diet, which contribute to the removal of radiation from the body.

Iodine-containing products

Leaders in terms of iodine content are seafood (seaweed, shrimp and marine fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids).
Vegetarians will be partially helped to replace the fats contained in fish – sprouted wheat, quail eggs, quinoa, chia, sesame, any cereals and legumes.

You should increase your intake of water, green tea, fermented milk products (they will replenish the calcium leached from body, and will improve metabolism), dark leafy greens, nuts, sesame.


Pay attention to fiber, which stimulates digestion, which absorbs and removes radionuclides from the body. Here, bran, coarsely ground rye flour, chia seeds, ordinary or sprouted wheat, flax, buckwheat, as well as rich not only in fiber, but also in vitamins vegetables, fruits and berries.
Pectin contained in plant foods, in the process assimilation of food turns into polygalacturonic acid, which within a few hours combines with radionuclides and toxic heavy metals, and safely removes a large part of them from the body.

The human body is unique, including the fact that in most cases it successfully copes with external “enemies” on its own. However, he needs our help – a conscious approach to nutrition, regular moderate physical activity and an adequate positive attitude.

Let’s be healthy! 🙏

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