Masks against hair loss

Over the past two years, some of our friends and relatives faced the problem of hair loss after contracting covid. Some were treated with antibiotics and hormones, most did without them, but the result, as they say, is on the scoreboard. We are still exchanging recipes and experiences regarding accepting the moment of alopecia.

To begin with, what did not help us at all (or was ineffective) from past schemes and drugs:
  • any anti-hair loss shampoos (even medicated, Korean shampoos and conditioners that used to help)
  • ampoules with drugs against alopecia
  • vitamins of the “hair, skin, nails” series
What helped:
  • reducing the level of stress
  • healthy sleep
  • walks and meditations
  • emphasis in nutrition on dishes rich in protein
  • masks and rinses on a plant basis
We offer the recipes of the mixtures Masks against hair loss that we use now, based on the calculation for short or medium length hair
Instead of shampoo:
  • two yolks
  • a teaspoon of dry ground mustard
  • a little warm water – optional
  1. mix the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture (not too thin)
  2. apply to scalp and hair
  3. massage gently
  4. you can leave it on your head for 15 minutes, or immediately wash it off with warm water or a decoction of your favorite herbs

We like rinses made from curry leaves or bay leaves – a handful of leaves per 1 liter of water. Throw the leaves into boiling water, reduce the heat, let it boil for 10 minutes, then let it cool, of course. You can steam from the evening if you wash your hair in the morning. Such a decoction makes the hair more rigid, which is relevant – the hair grows very thin, disobeyingly loosens and twists.

Aqueous solutions of alcohol tincture of propolis and gel with aloe juice also proved themselves well as a rinse.

A mask for the scalp and strengthening the hair roots
  • rye bran
  • a couple of tablespoons of liquid honey
  • a teaspoon of ground mustard
  • a couple of drops of argan oil
  • a little warm water
  1. mix everything until smooth, gently rub into the scalp, rinse with warm water
  2. apply aloe gel on the hair
  3. make a hat and walk for 15 minutes
  4. wash off with warm water or rinse aid

Let’s stay healthy and positive!

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