MASALE work schedule during the New Year holidays

Namaste, our dears!
The most difficult year in the history of Ukraine for almost a century is coming to an end. Since February, Ukrainians have become much stronger, wiser, but now we are also more vulnerable, and more than ever we understand the value of every minute of life.

The MASALE families want to give you all a big hug and each other, but the war has scattered many of us around the world. So, for the sake of kissing our relatives, we are taking a vacation from December 31 to January 7. The site will automatically accept your orders as normal 24/7, but our phones will be off and orders will be processed and shipped hopefully starting January 8th.

MASALE wishes us all a peaceful sky and a festive mood. But…

This year’s New Year’s holiday in Ukraine is not a Christmas tree or champagne, but another transfer of medicines, clothes and goodies into the caring hands of our incredible volunteers, this is a donation and an offered hand of support from a stranger.
A holiday is when all relatives and close people are alive and healthy.
It’s a holiday when they answer you from “zero”: “Alive, healthy, ate and in a hat.”
The holiday is hugs and tears… And no one will take away the feeling of the holiday from us, because it is in the heart of each of us.

Ukrainians can be scared, killed, but not defeated.
And even if you and I face the year 2023 in the dark due to another attack by the russians, we will simply turn on the garlands, light the candles and shake wine or tea for our victory.

We love you all! Thank you for being with us!
Everything will be Ukraine!

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