MASALE is moving to a new type of packaging

Many years ago, our brand was one of the first in Ukraine to use flexible packaging for transporting and storing goods. Due to its properties, such as low weight, strength, economy and attractive appearance, kraft doi-packs are favorites in the field of product packaging. But the realities of life are such that until now practically nowhere in the world there is no adequate system or technology for recycling multi-layer flexible packaging, even if it is made from secondary raw materials.

The modern food market requires products to have a shelf life of at least one year, and for this it is necessary to use so-called “high-barrier materials”, which have a multi-layered composition to protect the product from contamination and ensure the tightness of the packaging. The main raw materials for the production of flexible packaging are polyester, polyethylene film, metal film, paper, various adhesives, etc.

In principle, the impossibility of reprocessing flexible packaging is not caused by a lack of technology, but by the selection process. In other words, each individual layer of flexible packaging must be separately studied and grouped, separated and processed in order to extract the maximum amount of each component of the doipack for its further processing into secondary polymer.

No company that professionally recycles flexible packaging will accept used doi-pack for recycling, due to the fact that approximately 80% of flexible packaging is contaminated with products and therefore unsuitable for entering the existing flow processing These nuances actually make the process of processing doi-packs impossible.

The issue of environmental friendliness has always been second in line after the definitely high quality of MASALE products, so in the near future our brand will gradually switch to another type of product packaging.

The composition of the new packaging of MASALE products includes an outer box made of secondary raw materials and an inner layer made of polyethylene, which will ensure the reliability of the packaging and meet all the requirements for long-term preservation of products. Each component of the packaging is recyclable, which not only contributes to the preservation of the environment, but also brings peace and tranquility to the heart of MASALE

Let’s save the planet together!

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