Indian coconut oil vs. Ceylon coconut oil

Today we answer one of the most common questions: what is the difference between the Indian coconut oil presented in Masale and its Ceylon counterpart?

To begin with, let’s name their general features

Both oils:

  • for eating, and at the same time is an excellent natural cosmetic
  • organic – that is, in the process of palm growth, ripening and collection of coconuts and until the moment of pouring the oil into jars, no chemicals were used
  • first cold pressing
  • purified by filtration rather than refining
  • certified

And now the nuances

Indian coconut oil
Indian coconut oil comes from the southern state of India – Kerala

Our long-standing Kerala partners press their coconut oil on the farm using the traditional mechanical method from dried coconut pulp. As a result, the oil turns out to be very aromatic, and in its solidified form, the consistency is quite dense. For this reason, it is more loved by fans of the rich, bright aroma of coconut and our clients from massage and spa salons.
Opened the jar – and lost your mind!)

Indian coconut oil vs. Ceylon coconut oil

Virgin Organic, a premium coconut oil producer in Sri Lanka, uses a more expensive oil production technology – a specialized centrifuge that allows the oil to be made from freshly harvested nuts, while retaining more of the natural nutrients and moisture of the fresh coconut.
And that’s why when you open a jar of Virgin Organic butter, you’ll lose consciousness 😉 twice:

  • the first time you feel the subtle aroma of coconut
  • and the second – when you taste the delicate creamy coconut product.

For cosmetic purposes, Ceylon oil is also very successfully used by our regular clients, while invariably remarking: “I am worthy of all the best!”

So, in any case, whichever of the two coconut oils from Masale you choose, you get an excellent, high-quality product. Tasty, fragrant, versatile in terms of its use and, of course, useful!

And finally, an answer to an important question: why do we bottle some of the coconut oil in Ukraine.

We answer honestly: if you had seen the form of the first shipments of coconut oil bottled in Kerala, you would not be asking this question. In this regard, we are best understood by those who are personally familiar with the Indian attitude to orderliness and neatness. Let’s put it this way, their position is most fully reflected by the phrase “And so he will prove!”

After receiving the goods, we looked like oiled miners, as the Keralites managed to fill most of the cans with oil to an absolutely unpresentable state. And once again, sending back almost half of the cargo due to its complete unusability, losing time and money on this, we decided to buy Indian oil in a container that does not require the sniper accuracy of bottling from the Indians.

Plus, remember yourself when you buy and mail any fragile item. How many times will you think: “Will he reach me in one piece?” Now imagine that five tons of expensive, fragile jars are floating halfway around the world to you in a storm on a calm sea. Then the barge (by feeling – purely by ear) is moored in a corner of the port of Odessa, after which you watch how the container with your jars floats above the ground, swinging on cables during unloading. And the usual quarantine, sampling, strict inspection by customs and other services, plus a truck to Kyiv and the repeated unloading of oil into our impatient, trembling hands are still ahead.

We think it is clear why, until the coconut oil is shipped to the warehouse, we actively practice meditation, sedatives and wine;)

Fortunately, in 12 years of cooperation, our farmers have advanced in many ways, but we are still much more relaxed when the butter is bottled in front of our eyes, and we can personally check each jar.

We hope we have answered your questions. And where you can buy our beauty, you already know.
Let’s be healthy!

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