How to choose good clove

In every home there is a jar of clove buds in the kitchen.
Did you know that this spice is included in the herbal pharmacopoeia of Britain?
Did you know that the fragrant cloves is part of a well-known antiparasitic dietary supplement?

Perhaps it is worth looking at the spice jar in a new way and take advantage of the useful properties of cloves?

The unusual-looking buds of the clove tree are famous not only for their burning taste and spicy aroma, but also for their medicinal effect. This spice has long been used in folk medicine recipes for the prevention and even treatment of some diseases. In addition, it is a natural aphrodisiac

But how to choose the right carnation?
Here are the parameters by which we choose it for ourselves before sharing it with you.
  • A brittle, too dry bud indicates a lack of essential oils.
  • When you throw a high-quality clove into water, it floats vertically, leg down, or sinks to the bottom of the glass.
  • If the clove bud lies horizontally on the surface of the water, then there are no essential oils in it. Such a clove is unsuitable for medicinal purposes.

Our cloves are of the highest quality! Check for yourself and be healthy!

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