Homemade masks with cocoa butter for the face

Today we are preparing homemade masks with cocoa butter for the face.

  • before applying masks and scrubs, you should clean your face of cosmetics
  • melted cocoa butter is used for all masks. It is easiest to melt it in a water bath, but you can also use it in the microwave
  • masks are recommended to be washed off with warm water using a soft cloth or sponge
  • the recommended frequency of using masks based on cocoa butter is 1 – 2 times a week
Mask for improving skin tone

Effect: skin lightening, smoothing wrinkles, deep moisturizing, softening.

Cocoa butter: 6 ml
Chamomile butter: 5 g
Aloe juice: 7 ml
Fresh cucumber
Mix chocolate butter with chamomile oil and aloe juice. Then add grated cucumber. The exposure time of the mask is half an hour.

We remove wrinkles

Action: rejuvenating, softening, intensive moisturizing. Such a tool can be used as a compress.

Cocoa butter: 20 g
Lemon juice: 2 tsp
Fresh carrot juice: 10 ml
Natural honey: 15 g
Chicken egg yolk
Mix all components thoroughly . The mask is ready, apply it for 20 minutes.

Careful cleaning

Effect: improving blood circulation, soft, delicate cleansing – best suited for dry skin.

Cocoa butter: 25 g
Bright honey: 18 ml
Brown sugar: 15 g
Gently mix butter with honey, add sugar. But do not stir to the end – the sugar crystals will perform the function of a scrub.
After several minutes of massage, leave the mixture on the face, hold for 10 minutes.

Treating greasy shine

Action: stimulating the work of sebaceous glands, cleaning pores and narrowing them.

Cocoa butter: 40 g
Kefir (sour cream): 9 ml
Egg white
Add cocoa butter to sour cream. Add the protein whipped into a foam to them. Put on the face, mask time 10 minutes.

For oily skin with deep wrinkles

Effect: increase in skin elasticity, noticeable tightening, narrowing of pores, removal of greasy shine.

White clay: 40 g
Cocoa butter: 20 ml
Oat flakes: 10 g
Yogurt: 15 ml
Mix all components thoroughly, dilute with yogurt. Apply to the skin of the face, rest for a quarter of an hour.

From “crow’s feet” in the eye area

Effect: after several masks, small wrinkles will disappear. It is best to carry out the care procedure before going to bed.

Cocoa butter: 5 g
Vitamin E: 4 drops
Sea buckthorn oil: 10 ml
Mix everything, carefully apply to the eye area. Hold for 15 minutes.

Stay healthy and beautiful with Masale!

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