From the history of masala tea

Masala tea is an Indian milk tea a drink based on strong black tea, sweetened and spiced. This the way of drinking tea appeared during the British colonization of India. In 1870, about 90% of tea went to Britain supplied by China but by 1900 this share had declined to 10% and was replaced tea from India and Ceylon. A fierce campaign by the Indian Tea Party companies promoted the provision of “tea breaks” for workers, trying to increase tea sales. In turn, in order to reduce the amount of tea leaves, necessary for a cup, sellers used creativity and added milk, sugar and spices

In its simplest form masala chaj is prepared by boiling boiling a mixture of water and milk together with loose tea leaves and spices. Then the leaves and remaining spices are filtered before serving the drink. The combination of spices brings an almost endless variety of aromas and tastes to this drink.

Mostly masala tea includes up to ten spices, and the main ones are cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, bodyan, cloves and hot pepper. Cardamom is the dominant note in traditional masala tea, the presence of ginger or black pepper is considered a mandatory attribute, because they give the tea a unique spicy taste. Other spices that can be used to make masala include ajwan (a relative of cumin), allspice, coriander, cocoa, nutmeg and vanilla

It is not known for sure who invented masala chai, but it is still one of the most popular drinks in Asia, and the greatest love for it has been preserved, of course in India, where masala chai is traditionally served to guests, and where every family has its own unique tea recipe .

The Masale family also has a family recipe for masala tea, which you can purchase at any time on our website. And let’s reveal a little secret: our masala tea can be used not only for making tea or coffee, but can also be added to any of your dishes. And it will be fragrant, spicy and sexy! 🙂

Masala tea
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