Free coconut oil for soap makers

It so happened that part of last year’s MASALE coconut oil became unfit for consumption. Perhaps one of the reasons is that our warehouse was shaken during the flights to the area, and the oil fell into the sediment with us due to the disturbances.

In any case, today MASALE has a coconut product available, which is only suitable as a base for making soap. Our small soap production cannot handle so much oil, and that is why IF you or your friends are engaged in soap making for the needs of the Armed Forces – we we will be happy to give you coconut oil only at the cost of sending it by Nova Poshta/Ukrposhta.

To everyone else who wants to buy tired coconut oil for household purposes:

  • as a polish for wood products
  • for anti-corrosion treatment of metal objects
  • for lubricating rubber or leather products
  • we provide an unreal discount!

Just help save and use as much of the valuable product as possible

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