Features of storing coconut products

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As long as there is electricity and the Internet – we answer a pressing question about MASALE coconut products.

In fact, our dry coconut milk and oil have never gone sour or moldy. Due to its unique chemical composition, most coconut products are natural preservatives, so they are good at room temperature for up to two years or more. But if you put dry coconut milk or oil in the refrigerator and use it only from time to time, you can prepare for trouble

Humid environment and sudden temperature changes contribute to the appearance of unpleasant odors, discoloration and mold in coconut products. And this is also the main reason why you should not keep natural coconut oil in the bathroom – otherwise you will have to say goodbye to it long before the expiration date.

The only exception regarding storage in the refrigerator is coconut milk or cream in tin cans. Tin packaging tends to oxidize, which negatively affects the taste and preservation of coconut milk. That is, if you bought coconut milk (or any other product) in a tin can and did not use it all at once, pour the liquid into a glass container. Such milk is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.

Well, the clean cans got into the furnace for making trench candles. They are constantly in short supply, just like paraffin.

Expiry dates of each of the MASALE coconut products and their storage features can be found in the corresponding section

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