Everything will be Ukraine!


Last week, another batch of healthy goodies from MASALE went to the boys on the front line, some of them are on the way to Hell’s Kitchen in Vasylkiv, and two more packages are waiting for the children and their mothers – forced migrants from the Kherson region and Melitopol. We had to repeatedly explain why coconut sugar looks like this and that it is delicious to eat in a bite with coffee and tea. That you can cook a giant cauldron of milk porridge or cocoa from a packet of dry coconut milk. And that our pastila is made from fruits that we grew in the Chernihiv region, where the Rashist tanks were recently located (

And even if exotic coconut and cocoa products are not essential goods, food is not only nutrients and fuel for the body, but also emotions. We hope that every soldier who tastes MASALE delicacies will feel our indescribable gratitude for the opportunity to meet the new day as free Ukrainians! And to the girls and women from Ukraine who, together with us, are now taking care of their own and other people’s children, we send hugs of support and respect for their strength.

Everything will be Ukraine!

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