Coronavirus: how to protect mental health

Coronavirus has plunged the world into uncertainty, and constant news about the pandemic is causing a feeling of imminent global catastrophe. All this, of course, affects the mental health of people, especially those who are already living in quarantine conditions and those who suffers from anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder. So how can we protect our mental health?

To experience because of what is happening in the world right now, this is understandable, but for many people the current situation can worsen existing problems with mental health. Fear that everything worked out or will definitely work out out of control and inability to tolerate uncertainty is a common characteristic of many anxiety disorders. So it is clear that now the majority people face a serious problem. To live under the stress of total uncertainty when under a threat to one’s own life and the health of loved ones – what could be worse?

So how can we protect our mental health?

Coronavirus: how to protect mental health
Limit the amount of news and pay attention to what are reading

Reading lots of news about the coronavirus led to an increase in the number of nervous breakdowns and panic attacks among the population. So being away from news websites and social media, you can partially overcome your anxiety. Psychological support lines are also useful: find them contacts and do not waste time – call if you need help.

  • Limit the amount of time you spend reading or watching things that impair your mental state. Set aside a minimum of minutes for viewing news, and preferably not in the morning or before going to bed.
  • A lot disinformation spills into the mass media, so stay up to date situation by following trusted sources of information such as government and government health organization websites
Take a break from social networks, or at least unsubscribe from those pages and the people who spread the most panicky rumours, or in any other way generate information that may harm your mental state

Be careful which accounts your personal page is set to and avoid clicking on coronavirus hashtags.

Switch your attention from social media, instead read books, browse favorite movies, shows and series, sign up for useful online courses, get started meditate, remember old hobbies and try to discover something new with a positive point of view, distracting yourself from disturbing thoughts in a healthy way

Ignore search keywords words that are currently almost all tuned to the theme of the pandemic.

Listen to yourself: maybe it’s time to  disable your personal accounts for some period or forever

Don’t be shy express your feelings and reluctance to constantly listen to family members or acquaintances about the coronavirus or any other information that is traumatic for you. Set a condition not to discuss these matters with you unless you are ready to participate in the discussion. Of course, avoiding the problem will not solve it, but now the main task for everyone is maintain mental and physical health. So calm down and perceive adequately situation is one of the steps to help yourself and others.

Wash your hands – but don’t be obsessive

For people with OCD and some types of anxiety, when we are in the mode of quarantine and self-isolation, and everyone around us is constantly telling us to wash our hands, the situation can cause the most damage. It’s really hard because now most of the we are in a closed space, and besides, we have to perform certain actions that they avoided.

So the best thing you can do is stick with it advice on time and requirements for hand washing, but try to monitor whether washing is carried out for the recommended time amount of time to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, or it is done uncontrollably or ritually in a certain in order to feel “right” at the same time?

Stay in connection with people

Increasing the number of those who already is in self-isolation, a good reason to check that you have the correct phone numbers and e-mail addresses of people you are interested in.

If you are self-isolating, find a balance between work orders and time for yourself. Find your rhythm of work and rest. Make sure each day has some variety. It is possible that weeks in quarantine will become really productive and significant in terms of work and self-development.

Avoid burnout

With the coming weeks and months of the coronavirus pandemic it is important to adjust correctly time. If possible, go outside, in the sunlight, if not forget about opening the curtains and going out on the balcony. Do physical exercises, eat right, drink enough amount of water, be sure to take care of yourself. No matter how strange it sounds, but right now, being in quarantine, you really have time for yourself. So don’t waste it with the old “I can’t do anything” patterns through work”.

AnpressionUK suggests applying “Apple” technique to combat anxiety.

Youknow: Record and acknowledge anxiety and uncertainty every time when that comes to mind.

Pause: Don’t react like you normally would. Not react at all. Pause and breathe.

Step back a little: tell yourself that this is just excitement and this apparent need to be steadfast about everything that is happening is not helpful or necessary. It’s just a thought or a feeling. Not believe everything you think. Opinions are not statements or facts.

Let go: let go of a thought or feeling. It pass. You don’t need to answer them. You can imagine releasing them into the sky on a bright ball or paper snakes, and they disappear into the cloud.

Explorechew: study the present moment, because right now, at this moment, everything is fine. Feel how you breathe and follow your sensations with breaths Feel the ground beneath you. Look around and notice what you see, what you hear, what you can touch, what you can smell. Immediately. Just now. Then translate your attention to something else – to what you need to do to what you were doing before you noticed concern, or do something else unrelated to past tasks but focused giving maximum attention to one’s own actions.

And remember: this will not always be the case. The only thing that matters is what happens to you right now.

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