Connecticut is the nutmeg state

Did you know that one of the unofficial names of the American state of Connecticut is the Nutmeg State, and its residents were called “nutmeggers” for a long time.

It is believed that in the 17th and 18th centuries Connecticut merchants actively offered nutmeg for sale. But where did they get it from is a question. No information is available for suppliers of real nutmeg from the Moluccas to Connecticut. And the only American relative of nutmeg that comes to mind is Torreya californica, a conifer whose seeds have a nutmeg-like aroma and were used as a spice and medicine by Native Americans a thousand miles from Connecticut.

nutmeggers и штат мускатного ореха

Perhaps with the help of fake nutmeg, or even just thanks to gossip about it, nutmeggers attracted lovers of the precious spice.

It is also interesting that Connecticut was founded by Puritan immigrants. That is, people who were very concerned about the purity of their thoughts and actions and demanded the same purity from others. What has nutmeg been known for a long time? That’s right – with its psychotropic properties and as a strong aphrodisiac. Somehow these features of the nut do not correspond to the principles of Puritanism. But “what you can’t do is what you want”, right?

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