Coconut oil in the household

When MASALE is criticized for the high cost of our products, there is a desire to simply show the invoice for the next batch of coconut oil and cocoa and a photo of one of the bosses with a bruised eye, who flatly refused to raise prices during a lively debate with the accountant and logistician.

Believe me: we are doing everything possible and impossible to not only keep the price policy at the usual level, but even reduced the cost of coconut milk by 10%, and Ceylon spices became 50% cheaper, if you didn’t notice.

But today it’s not about the sports bat that our accountant puts on the table with a smile when we bring him invoices for payment. We will talk about what to do if, for obvious reasons, you decided to save money and bought low-quality or simply strange coconut oil.

First, don’t be in a hurry to throw it away, unless something winks at you from the jar. Then don’t struggle – take a selfie with a unique product and call the TV crew! If you found the oil simply without a coconut smell or, for example, the contents of the jar are of a different color, there is sediment in the oil, or the dishes are leaking, then there are several ways to successfully use coconut oil in your home, and we will list them a little below.

Secondly, we do not recommend using such products for food or for cosmetic purposes. Even if you decided to kill someone in such an original way. The liver that fell out of your enemy will not be returned, and the evidence against you will be too clear.

So, where can you use coconut oil for household purposes?
  • Coconut oil is perfect as a polish for any wooden products: furniture, decor, parquet, sets of wooden dishes, etc. It has been proven more than once: in addition to the obvious benefits of furniture care, less dust settles on wooden surfaces cleaned with coconut oil.
  • Coconut oil can be used to treat various leather and metal objects. It protects against corrosion and hides small scratches. However, it is not advisable to use it with latex products – coconut oil softens them and can spoil them.
  • With the help of coconut oil, you can clean and disinfect the bathroom. Simply use hot water to rinse the tile after cleaning.
  • Now, in principle, it is not the season, but the leaves of indoor plants are lubricated with coconut oil and trees are treated from fungi and sores.
  • It is clear that it is a pity to transfer fresh organic coconut oil to your favorite cherry in the country, but in the case of the purchased low-quality coconut product, treat a sick rose, a branch or the trunk of a young tree with it in the spring. It will definitely not be worse for him.
  • We were also told that coconut oil is used in the summer as a weed killer and as a lawn/garden protector against pests. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the name and address of this eco-friendly millionaire, but if you’re reading us, you should know that Masale has a convenient five-liter container of coconut oil for sale! So what’s the matter, we are ready to order a whole barge of coconut oil for you, but only upon prepayment and with the provision of a photo or video report on how, after consuming our coconut oil, the Colorado beetle repents of its unworthy behavior and returns to its historical homeland. It is very interesting to look at it)

So that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and show ingenuity – just immediately order quality coconut oil from Masale by phone: (073) 176 20 02

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