Coconut oil and henna hair dyeing

If you use natural dyes – henna or basma – to dye your hair, then you are familiar with the complexities of this process:

  • it is impossible to achieve homogeneity of the coloring composition – it is always “rough”
  • henna cools down quickly and immediately begins to fall off even during hair dyeing
  • basma and henna are difficult to rinse off – hair at the same time, it gets confused, and for the sake of color stability, it is undesirable to use shampoo and balm in the first couple of days after hair dyeing
  • due to the natural features, henna and basma dry out the hair and scalp.

So, you can successfully deal with most of the listed nuances by adding coconut oil at the rate of: one tablespoon per pack of henna or basma.

Coconut oil with this method of application:
  • ensures the plasticity of the herbal mixture, which greatly facilitates the process of applying hair dye, especially if it is curly
  • due to the foaming ability of real coconut oil, henna is easier to wash out of the hair
  • when heated, coconut oil does not lose its beneficial properties, and therefore, along with dyeing, you simultaneously nourish the scalp and hair, preventing their excessive drying.
  • By the way, coconut oil has long been used in eyebrow dyeing in a similar way and applied mehendi – it fixes the color. Because “my eyebrows, not eyebrows, but swords of destruction” 😉

Stay healthy and beautiful with Masale!

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