Cinnamon: aphrodisiac and adaptogen

This spice cannot be confused with any other. Her fragrance belongs to the rich and energetic scents of Mars, symbolizing courage, power, determination and active sexual energy. It can be characterized as strong, spicy, burning, dry and sharp, capable of lifting the mood, relieving apathy, charging with energy and courage. It is not for nothing that this spice belongs to the category of aphrodisiacs and powerful adaptogens. But at the same time, its aroma has a calming effect, creating an atmosphere of trust, friendliness and peace. The magical spice can awaken in the subconscious the warmest, cozy associations: winter evening, mother’s baking, morning coffee…
Of course, we are talking about cinnamon.

Essential oil, which is obtained from the leaves or bark of the cinnamon tree, has been valued since ancient times: the first is soft, with notes of cloves; the second is the most recognizable, saturated. Both can be used as an air freshener in rooms or as an ingredient in cosmetics.

Essential oil is obtained from cinnamon (yield up to 1%) – for this, the bark is crushed, soaked in sea water and the resulting infusion is distilled. Approximately 50-75% of the essential oil consists of cinnamic aldehyde (cinnamal), eugenol (4-10%), linalool, sometimes the oil contains camphor and other substances. Distillation of cinnamon essential oil requires a certain dexterity, since cinnamic aldehyde is easily oxidized and turns into cinnamic acid, which is practically odorless.

Cinnamon ether is an effective warming, antibacterial and tonic agent that helps relieve symptoms of colds, a number of infectious diseases, including fungal infections. It is a useful natural antidepressant, invigorates, relieves stress and fatigue. It is recommended to inhale it regularly for the general strengthening of the body’s immunity.

Cinnamon: aphrodisiac and adaptogen
Cinnamon ether can be used both alone and with other extracts:
  • freshness and richness will be given by citrus notes (orange, bergamot or lemongrass)
  • for a romantic evening, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and jasmine are suitable
  • to raise the changing mood at the end of the year the addition of coniferous chords
  • for colds will allow an ideal combination with eucalyptus and mint.

They didn’t leave away from cinnamon and perfumes. Its often combined with coniferous, citrus, mint oils. IN the disposal of perfumers is not such a large number cinnamon materials. In addition to natural ether cinnamon oil in Guerlain Shalimar or Gres Cabochard and synthetic cinnamal, also use cinnamon alcohol in Chanel No. 5, Lanvin Arpege, Amarige Mariage (Givenchy), Liquid Gold Euphoria (Calvin Klein).

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