Chocolate coconut cake

Friends from France recommended recipe CHOCOLATE COCONUT CAKE.
Delicious – wow!
If you like recipes with coconut – just what you need! So take notes.

For a cake with a diameter of about 20 cm, you need:

4 eggs
200 g grated cocoa beans or dark chocolate
120 g coconut sugar* or other brown/white
100 g coconut/butter
50 g flour
20 g corn starch
160 g coconut flakes (we took our coconut flour – it turned out normal)
200 ml of fatty coconut milk or coconut cream
150 g of condensed milk
1 tsp. baking powder for dough

*Coconut sugar from Masale must be grated in advance, or it is better to grind it in a blender

100 g of grated cocoa beans or dark chocolate**
100 g of coconut or regular cream
Coconut shavings for beauty

** If you use a regular bar of chocolate, then you do not need sugar in the glaze needed But it is probably better to add two tablespoons to the grated cocoa beans spoons of sugar. And you can not add it if you are a connoisseur of bitter chocolate


Step #1
In a bowl, combine the coconut flakes, coconut milk and condensed milk and set aside for now. This will be our coconut dough layer.
Using a mixer or blender, beat eggs with sugar until the mixture increases in volume several times. And also let them wait a little.

Step #2
Melt the grated cocoa beans and butter in a steam bath (a microwave oven is also ok, if you have nothing against it, of course)
Add flour , baking powder and cornstarch to the chocolate mixture and mix.
Gradually pour the chocolate batter into the beaten eggs, keeping the mixer on low speed

Step #3
Put the paper, pre-cut according to the diameter of the form, on the bottom of the baking form, grease it with a little oil
First put the coconut dough on the bottom of the form, flatten it a little, pour the chocolate dough on top
Bake in the oven , heated to approximately 150°C for 50 to 55 minutes.
Check readiness as follows: put the tip of a knife or a spoon on top of the chocolate cake. If the dough is still sticky and runny, keep the cake in the oven for another 5-10 minutes. Or you can poke a skewer into the cake as usual))
Remove the cake and let it cool.

Chocolate-coconut cake

Step #4

Melt the grated cocoa beans in the microwave and add the cream to them. Mix until the mass becomes homogeneous and shiny.

Pour chocolate on all sides of the cake and sprinkle it with coconut flakes on the sides
Put the finished cake in the refrigerator.
It is interesting that such a cake tastes different when you serve it immediately cold, and when it is kept warm for 20 minutes – then it becomes more delicate and fragrant. But it already depends on your whims))

Chocolate coconut cake
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