Cakes with mint filling

Rainy days in Masale always mean lots of hot chocolate and sweets. And while we’re wandering around the old classic brownie recipe, make a note of yesterday’s recipe for Cakes with mint filling


  • fairly light
  • contains no animal fats
  • suitable for vegans
  • no baking required

For mint filling you will need:

150 g of cashews, pre-soaked in water overnight or at least for four hours (approximately 100-110 g of dry nuts)
70 g of fat coconut milk or coconut cream
90-100 g of melted coconut oil
40 g Jerusalem artichoke syrup or maple syrup
Extract of mint, vanilla or any of your favorite edible essential oil
Barley powder or food coloring for color – optional

Cakes with mint filling
Cakes with mint filling

Preparation of the filling:

  1. Drain all the water from the cashews, add other ingredients to the nuts and beat everything until smooth in a blender.
  2. Pour the resulting mass into molds * and put it in the freezer for at least an hour four
  3. You can use silicone molds for cakes or small candy molds if you like

Chocolate glaze:

100-120 g grated cocoa beans
50 g cocoa butter
50-60 g Jerusalem artichoke or maple syrup
essential oil of mint / vanilla – as desired

The final stage of preparation

  • Grind cocoa beans and cocoa butter and melt in a steam bath.
  • Add syrup to the chocolate mass, mix everything thoroughly and heat over low heat for a couple of minutes, not allowing the glaze to boil.
  • Cool the glaze to 30 degrees.
  • Remove the cooled mint filling from the molds, completely immerse it in chocolate and carefully transfer it to parchment paper for final hardening.
  • Sweets should be stored in the refrigerator.

Thanks to the author of the original recipe: lipskaya_masha

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