Beauty recipes based on cocoa butter

Chocolate is our everything. It helps us in times of stress, cheers us up in times of weakness, and improves our mood. And now it also makes us younger! We offer to your attention BEAUTY RECIPES BASED ON COCOA BUTTER.

Cocoa butter does not oxidize (if it is included in cosmetics, the latter retain their qualities much longer). This product is completely non-toxic and non-allergenic. The use of cocoa butter for the face gives the skin many advantages:

  • Improving appearance, restoration of healthy skin color
  • Deep nutrition, hydration of the dermis
  • Excellent cleansing
  • Resistance to the first signs of aging
  • Reduction of manifestations of irritation, inflammation
  • Whitening of pigmentation
  • Removal of acne and blackheads
  • Restoration of the epidermis, healing of small wounds
  • Regulation of fat exchange
  • Increased production of hyaluronic acid, collagen
  • Protection of the face from weathering, frostbite

Natural cocoa oil for the face, which is used in cosmetology, has a higher degree of purification, does not contain any impurities and additional additives. This is the purest product that will become a reliable friend and helper for:

  • Dry skin
  • Problematic, with inflammations
  • Exhausted pale skin
  • Oily with shine and enlarged pores
  • With the first age changes
  • It is instantly absorbed into the epidermis without leaving an oily sheen. Its use in care is easy and convenient. And above all, very effective.
The use of cocoa oil in its pure form

This is an excellent tool for anti aging therapy. It can be used instead of any usual cream for the skin of the face, eye area and lips.

  • Thoroughly remove makeup from your face
  • Hold a piece of oil in your hands so that it melts a little
  • Apply to the skin (better in the evening)
  • If the face is peeling, replace the oil with a day cream (under make-up).
  • Also, it will help the lips to get rid of sores, crusts, and crusts.
  • There are periods when care is simply necessary for eyebrows and eyelashes (after the extension procedure or during vitamin deficiency). Lubricate delicate hairs with this magical product, preferably before going to bed.
  • In the eye area, cocoa butter will refresh the color of the skin in the lower part of the eyelids (remove gray, yellow spots under the eyes).
Use of cocoa butter in the form of a cream

Such a cream is an ideal means of combating dry, withering dermis. It can also be used in the eye area. The finished cream will retain its healing power in the refrigerator if you place it in a glass jar.

Method #1
Using a water bath, melt a mixture of oils: cocoa (25 g), jojoba (5 ml), olive (30 ml). Mix well and place the container in chilled water. Keep stirring until cool. After that, add two drops of sandalwood etherol. The cream is ready.

Method #2
In a container, mix cocoa butter (25 g), lanolin and paraffin (5 ml each), petroleum jelly (15 g).
Place the mixture in a water bath . Stir it constantly.
After all the ingredients have melted, add heated rose water (45 ml) to them.
Knead thoroughly, then beat the mixture with a mixer until completely cooled.
Melted cocoa butter is used for all masks. It is easiest to melt it in a water bath.

Stay healthy and beautiful with Masale!

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