Ayurvedic recommendations for a cold

We have a cold, so for the second day in a row we are confirming Ayurvedic recommendations for treatment with our own products.
So far it has been noted that:

  • A teaspoon of coconut oil relieves acute inflammation in the throat for a certain period of time. For the same purpose, we used to chew cocoa butter, but until it is gone, we occasionally nibble on grated cocoa beans
  • A warm drink of turmeric with honey and ginger slows down the rise in temperature
  • When the doctor prescribes to drink tomato juice with salt – in no case should you use black Himalayan . Together with tomatoes, it accelerates the work of the intestines so much that you will get an almost instant effect, feeling like a barrel where young wine ferments. But in case you have problems with digesting food, replacing regular salt with black Himalayan salt is a good option.
  • coconut sugar in any warm drink or if jaggery is simply dissolved, helps to clear the respiratory tract, relieve cough and even relieves migraines. And after a sweet drink, it’s somehow more fun – probably the calming effect of inositol in the jaggery works
  • Also active black tea with thyme and just thyme – also good for suppressing cough

Today we started the day with masala tea. When there is no desire and strength to eat, Indian milk tea is just what you need! Spices warm the body, and coconut milk suppresses hunger

And we also want to warn you: as an auxiliary option for the treatment of the throat and to prevent sputum from stagnating in the lungs and bronchi, the doctor prescribed us… to sing loudly. The repertoire is difficult to decide, and we are thrown from lullabies to football insults. So if you hear strange sounds somewhere on the Right Bank, don’t be scared. So maybe we are crying 🙂

Let’s stay healthy and positive!

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