Ayurveda Spring recommendations

The main characteristics of this wonderful season are  warmth, moisture and softness. Under the first rays of the sun, snow melts, and Kapha, concentrated in the body, behaves in the same way, it thins and flows.

From the point of view of Ayurveda, this is the reason for frequent colds in the spring. Worsening the situation for Kapha people is the blossoming and aroma of the first spring flowers. This factor is a prerequisite for allergies. It should be noted that for people with Vata and Pitta constitutions, spring herbs usually do not cause discomfort.

Diet and physical activity in the spring

Ayurveda recommends the following herbs and spices at this time of year: black pepper, fennel, zira, chili or cayenne pepper, coriander and, of course, ginger.

Proper nutrition according to Ayurveda at this time of the year is to avoid heavy and fatty food. Sweets, pickles and sour foods are also not recommended, as such food will unbalance kapha.

You don’t need to insist on dairy products, especially in the morning. Also, take your time with ice cream and cold drinks, because they increase Kapha tremendously. Pay attention to products with a bitter and tart taste, spicy. We advise you to use peas (yellow and green), lentils, barley, beans, rice and similar grains. Cheese and milk will not harm.

Cabbage, radish, onion and garlic can be used, but without fanaticism, especially if you are a person with a large proportion of Vata and Pitta doshas. After a meal, you can drink ginger tea with cinnamon, a lassi drink, or just warm water with honey. Use honey more often, it has warming properties. But remember that honey cannot be subjected to heat treatment, so it can harm by clogging the thin channels of the body.

Berries and honey

Springtime is a good time for apple juice or a drink with apples and ginger, pomegranate or a regular berry drink.

At the time when nature wakes up, it is a sin to lie in bed! Get up as early as possible, go for a walk, do active exercise, don’t forget about massages. It will be useful to master yoga for the dosha that predominates in your body. Yoga classes will help you cope with the problems typical of your dosha and support it at any time of the year. Do not forget about warm water treatments – baths or showers.

Tips and recommendations for spring from Ayurveda

As mentioned above, excessive sleep in the spring is not recommended. This advice also applies to daytime sleep, as it feeds Kapha. As for the way of life and nutrition, we will single out the following theses:

  • Get up until seven o’clock in the morning
  • Massages, after which you need to take a hot shower
  • Before breakfast and lunch, encourage the inner fire with fresh ginger, lemon juice
  • Pay attention to yoga for dosha, breathing exercises
  • Be in the fresh air more often
  • Place emphasis on food with bitter, astringent, spicy tastes, on warm, light dishes, on cereals.
  • The food should be warm, but not greasy, not raw and easy to digest dishes.
  • Please the body with a clear and correct regime and sensible nutrition.
  • /ul>At this time, the transition from winter to spring takes place, Vata characteristic for winter changes to Kapha, which dominates in spring. In order not to cause an imbalance of Kapha, stay warm, drink and eat warm foods. These are the factors that will help your body get rid of stagnation and impurities after winter. A properly composed regime and well-thought-out nutrition will allow you to remove all the blocks in blood circulation and bring the Doshas into harmony.Be healthy!Докладніше про цей текст оригіналуЩоб дізнатися більше про переклад, введіть текст оригіналу
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