Ayurveda and internal balance in times of stress

From the point of view of Ayurveda, human health can be defined as the constancy of our internal state in the face of endlessly changing external conditions. That is one of the main goals of staying healthy is maintaining internal balance. During stress we lose our balance, as a result of which the body’s immune system’s response to viral invasion is automatically reduced, the balance of microflora is disturbed, opening the gates of diseases wide open.

There is little that can be compared to a pandemic in terms of anxiety. After all, most of us, in fact, are currently under siege. An insidious enemy is waiting for us from the outside, and from the inside they are undermining themselves – bad old and newly acquired habits, the lack of an opportunity to even take a basic walk and breathe fresh air, plus a constant feeling of anxiety.

Ayurveda perceives stress as a signal to return to a state of balance, taking as a basis anti-stress therapy the rules of dinacharya (healing regimen of the day) and techniques that restore “rootedness in the Self”. We can’t immediately reject our reactions – it takes time, but right now we can start implementing simple recommendations that will make us less susceptible to stress.

Sooner or later, the quarantine will end, and everyone will have to return to the usual routine of getting up early and an active lifestyle. Now many people have switched places day and night, that is why it is really important to go to bed before 10:00 p.m. From ten in the evening to two in the morning, the period of Pitta comes, and with it comes a feeling of hunger and a desire to eat unnecessary and inappropriate food. Even healthy food during these hours disrupts digestion, which needs this time for cleansing and rest. In addition, putting yourself, your loved one, into bed after 10:00 p.m. causes restless sleep, and increases the likelihood of waking up in the middle of the night and – hello, a thousand and one unnecessary thoughts! ..

Ayurveda and internal balance in times of stress

The nervous system successfully heals itself if it gets enough rest and sleep. Therefore, it should be remembered that with regular rest, the body gains the ability to restore strength. After rest, a person is able to do more with increased energy and endurance, the feeling of restlessness will decrease and the clarity of perception will increase. What we all wish.

The correct diet is the basis of vitality and health

For the purpose of general cleansing and strengthening of the body, frequent drinking of warm water during the day has a very beneficial effect. It is advisable to add lemon or lime juice to the water, a pinch of turmeric or ginger is very welcome. It is recommended to drink liquid throughout the day and a little at a time, and not just pour a cup of warm water into yourself in the morning and in the evening. Maybe first you should install a special program on your phone to remind you about this. Tried it personally – it helps a lot.

In addition to drinking the necessary amount of clean water, try to eat at the same time every day

Now is the time to switch to fats of vegetable origin and natural food products. Vegetable oils will help the assimilation of natural vitamins and nutrients contained in natural food, are quickly absorbed by the body and will create emotional balance.

Women can and even should eat sweets in the morning

If you have a sweet tooth and decided to go on a diet or give up sweets altogether, your hormonal system will lack female energy, which will probably turn you into a grumpy chainsaw. Do it for your loved ones – eat something sweet in the morning. But not cakes, buns and candies in unlimited quantities, of course. Everything is useful in moderation. And don’t worry: sweets eaten before noon on a sunny day will not harm the figure.

And be sure to try sweets of different flavors and textures. In addition to biological processes, frequent interaction with different tastes during the day helps the circulation and processing of various emotions. This regulates the female nature of experiences, pacifies.

Try not to overeat. Hearty, heavy food is very “grounding”, making us lazy, but we’re still tied to sofas at the moment.

In Ayurvedic practices, it is customary to prepare food immediately before serving, so that it is always fresh. It is best to exclude semi-finished products, canned food and leftovers from yesterday’s dinner.

Remind your body of joy by introducing various spices and self-massage into your diet

Spices improve digestion and balance emotions. And when, if not right now, to diversify your taste sensations? After all, even morning tea or coffee with the addition of new spices is a new experience and, perhaps, a new morning ritual and mutual love?

Cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, cloves, coriander, all kinds of pepper, chai masala, kava masala, spices for second courses, pink and black Himalayan salt, asafoetida… You can try them all and find your favorite at this moment! And then make any mixture of several spices to your taste, and store them in an airtight container. However, do not be surprised if tomorrow you like a completely different spice or food. After all, this is how the body seeks its balance, and our task is to help ourselves with the search for and obtaining strength.

Wake up the body!

An increased level of stress often causes dry skin, aggravation of pain in the joints and stiffness in the neck and back. Touch is directly related to emotions, and even if you are massaging yourself, you are giving your skin the stimulation it needs to calm anxiety and stress.

Ayurveda and internal balance in times of stress

Use aromatic oils and natural body care products

Lavender oil, chamomile, rose oil, mint, lemongrass – choose according to your taste. The oil that causes the best desired effect (increase of strength, inspiration and creativity) is created just for you. Just remember that citrus or herbal aromas are invigorating, so it is better to use them in the morning, and soft, relaxing ones – in the evening. So that the aroma is not too aggressive and, for example, does not disturb the consciousness at night, you should combine aroma oils with coconut oil and after a shower apply this mixture to the whole body or only to the legs, arms and stomach area. Such a procedure in itself is very soothing.

A hot bath at the end of the day (if there are no contraindications, of course) is the best way to relax and relieve tension. A bath with an infusion of dried ground ginger and baking soda is an excellent recommendation both for the cool season and in case of nervous and physical overstrain.

We remember about meditations

We have already written about different types of meditation and you can read about them HERE. So we will not focus on it today.

Well, as a logical conclusion to today’s conversation, we can mention that people who have found meaning in their daily activities, be it work, creativity or family, have a much lower background level of stress even now. If you feel that your physical and emotional state is related to deep-seated problems, it may be time to reconsider your priorities. How well does your work, your relationships with people, and your life in general meet your needs? To what extent is your life in line with your goals, your possibilities and your abilities? After all, the first step on the way to oneself and the acquisition of harmony is to learn, understand and accept oneself in the form in which we were born, body and mind.

Stay healthy and beautiful – as you already are!

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